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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rest In Peace Wallace

     If you grew up in Arizona anywhere between 1954 to 1989 you know who Wallace and Ladmo are.  The Wallace and Ladmo show was one of my favorite shows growing up.  The show was only here in Arizona, well there were a few boarder cities that were able to get the show and I guess they did try it out in other cities, but mostly just here.  It was a fun show with silly skits between the cartoons.  And one of my favorite things they handed out Ladmo bags.  I wanted one of those bags so bad.  The funny thing is my mom actually got to be on the show a few times when she was a kid and once even got a Ladmo bag.  Her girl scout troop leader worked on the show or her husband did or something.  So her girl scout troop was invited a few times. 

The show really was a big icon for Arizona children.  You can read more about it at

     There was sad news yesterday "Wallace" or Bill Thompson passed away yesterday at the age of 82 years old.  Ladmo his partner in the show passed back in 1994.  Pat McMahon who played Gerald is the last living main cast member.  I did briefly meet Pat at an event not long ago and it was one of the only times I felt a little start struck.  He was a character on my favorite childhood show.  And I recognized him!!  Mostly it was his voice.  He has a very recognizable voice.  He is on the radio now.  That is something because I usually don't recognize anyone.  Some of the biggest starts could be standing right in front of me and I'd never know.  

Wallace (Bill Thompson) wears a sad face off camera as he reads his script, 12/28/1989.  It is the last Wallace & Ladmo show.
     This show holds a special place in my heart and my childhood.  I offer my sympathy to the family of Wallace.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School Immunizations at Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot #GiveaShot #CollectiveBias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

     I don't really think there are very many, if any kids that like to get shots.  I know when I was a kid I hated them.  Not only did I need the typical immunizations, but I had to get weekly allergy shots.  I had no choice but to get these shots for months.  I found different ways to cope with getting shots.  The way I best dealt with them was by counting.  I would try to count really fast and race the nurse.  This helped me to fear the shots less.  I know that often it is hard for children to understand why anyone would need to poke them and make them hurt.  I have used this story and method to help with my own boys and even children in my preschool classes previously.  Recently I took my boys into their doctor for their check ups and immunizations.  My oldest tried to use my trick, it helped a little until he felt the needle.  But maybe next time.  Lucky for him he doesn't need many more immunizations.  But at least now I know he is ready to start 1st grade with up to date vaccines.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ Brothers

     I still can not believe that my baby is almost 2 years old.  My mom told me the other day that I need to stop calling him baby, but I can't help it.  He is my baby.  Anyway, he is almost 2 and my big baby is already 6 and starting 1st grade soon.  Where does the time go.  This is an old picture that I had on my phone.  I love the way they are looking at each other.  Evan still looks at Jayden like this.  He wants to be just like Jayden and do everything he does.  The admiration is so adorable, even is Jayden doesn't think so all the time!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Tikes Sort 'n Store Primary Colors Toy Chest Review & Giveaway

     Toys in our house seem to multiple like crazy.  The boys have so much stuff.  As I have tried to go through and organize their things I realized that Evan really needed something to hold his toys in.  He had this small bin with everything flowing out.  No wonder his things were everywhere.  When Little Tikes offered the Sort 'n Store Primary Colors Toy Chest I of course said yes and was excited to finally have a place for Evan's toys.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Planes: Fire & Resuce in Theaters TODAY!!

I was provided the opportunity to see the below mentioned movie duirng a special screening to provide a review

     Jayden and I were recently invited to a 3D screening of Disney's newest movie Planes: Fire & Rescue.  This movie is the excited sequel to the Disney Planes.  We were both excited to see what happens to Dusty in this show.  And it was great to have a date night with my oldest boy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learning Resources Magnetic Letter Construction Review & Giveaway

 I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review
Magnetic Letter Construction
     During the summer it is a little more difficult to keep up with education and learning.  I know from my experience this year with Jayden he keeps telling me its summer and he doesn't have any homework.  But I worry about him losing some of his learning from Kindergarten this year.  I don't want him to start back to school and be behind.  So I try to find ways to integrate learning in many activities.  His teacher sent me some activity sheets for math and Spanish.  She also sent some books and a list of books that he can read.  I love that she gave me some things to start with.  Unfortunately Jayden is not one to jump on the idea of doing Homework and especially reading.  He just does not feel successful when he reads.  He is doing well, but being the perfectionist he can be means that if it is not perfect he just doesn't want to do it.  So I am trying to find fun and interesting ways to continue the learning.  As always I look to one of my favorite stores Learning Resources for some ideas.  Since Jayden had a little trouble with completing his 70 phonograms by the end of the year I figured something around letters and sounds would be great to work on.  I received the Magnetic Letter Construction to review.

For Nursing Mamas: Milky 6 Day Supply #Giveaway

Need Brands and Mommy By Nurture
Want you to win a 6 day supply of Milky
     Are you a nursing mama?  Breastfeeding is natural, but its not always easy.  Every nursing mama can use some help and supply is often a common concern.  Check out Milky!  this is a lactation enhancement supplement that can help with your supply.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Made With Love Imprint Review & Giveaway Plus Discount Code

Made With Love Ceramic Imprints

     Having a baby is such a precious time and it goes by so quickly.  With both of my boys I have wanted to soak up every minute of their babyhood.  They change so quickly and grow daily.  Sometimes it is hard to remember when they were tiny.  As a mom having a reminder is always nice cause when your in the moment with all the sleepless nights and so much to do.  That is why when I saw Made With Love Imprints I knew I had to have one for Evan.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HomeRight SteamMachine Plus Review & Giveaway

I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review.

     I would not be what you would call a great housekeeper.  My house is never in perfect order.  I want to have a beautiful and clean home.  But with 2 boys that is not east to do for a few reasons.  Of course the obvious being that as I clean they mess up, but mostly I prefer to spend my time with my boys instead of always cleaning.  That does not mean I want a mess house.  But I would love to simple short cuts to keep my home clean so I can take more time to be with my boys.  One of the house cleaning chores that I do not do well is the floors.  I hate the whole process of sweep, then mop, etc.  And most the time the mop just pushes the dirt around and it never seems truly clean.  I have been wanting to get a steam mop for some time now, but could not decide on which I wanted.  You might remember that the HomeRight Steamer was in the Holiday Gift Guide this last year.  I was recently contacted by HomeRight about a new product they have now, the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus.  When asked to try it out I said YES!

Big Surf Water Park Family Pack 3 Day Pass Giveaway

     It is the middle of summer and I don't think I even have to say it, but it is HOT!  The best way to cool off in Arizona is to get wet.  For as long as I can remember Big Surf has been the water park to go to.  I remember as a kid going and I loved the wave pool.  There is lots of fun stuff to do and it has grown so much since I was a kid.  So far we have not made it there yet this year, but we will be going very soon.  The great people over at Big Surf sent us some passes to spend the day together as a family having fun at the water park.