Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cloth DIapers Exposed

Yeah for another cloth diaper event coming in February.  OK, yes I am a bit addicted to cloth diapers.  Literally people at work and my hubby all roll their eyes whenever I bring up cloth diapers.  LOL!  Anyway on to the important things.  Loves Jurn3 is having the Cloth Diapers Exposed event!  She will be taking a  depth look at cloth diapers the pros and cons!  She will also add some slings into the fun.  Some of the sponsers include:

Sprout Baby
CC Bums
Nifty Nappy
AMP Diapers
Apple Cheeks
Lollidoo diapers
K & K's Chubby Cheeks
Sleepy Wrap
Moby Wrap
Cat Chick 6 Creations
Zinnia Flower
Cuddly Bums
The Creative Mommy
ReThink Crafts
Nicki's Diapers
Chic to Cheek
Monkey Foot Designs
Urban Fluff- i candy
Roly Poly
Rockin' Green
Fluffy's Diapers
The EliMonster
Mother Ease
Eco Nuts
Check it all out starting on February 1st.  I think it is going to be a very fluffy February!!

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  1. Looking forward to all of these events too!
    LOVE the background you picked! Great job you're doing on the blog in such little time!! =)