Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strider Balance Bike Giveaways

I just have to start off by adding a post about something that I REALLY want to win!  You see little man's birthday is coming in June and OMG he will be 2 years old!  So I really, really want to get him a bike.  And the Strider Balance Bike is great for his age.  If you haven't see this bike go check it out here . Well, right now there are 2 giveaways that I have entered to win this great bike.  The first one is over at Jabbering Jessi and it ends tomorrow (Sunday, 1/24) if you want to enter also go here: And the second one is at Busy Mommy Media and that one ends on February 3 and to enter that one you need to go here: SO hurry and go enter!


  1. I desperately wanted one of these for Erik for Christmas... Then my mom bought him a bike with training wheels. Guess that will do... =)
    Good luck!! Hope you win for your cutie pie!

  2. Good to see you started a blog. Good luck in the Strider giveaways. I am in the same boat with ya! My son is 2 and I have been trying to win one of these for months. I will cross my fingers that we both win one! :)