Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I just want to send a big thank you to a couple people that helped me get started on this blog. 

I will start with Alesha Jacobsen, you might know her on twitter as @JacobsenFamily or from her blog Our Jacobsen Family.  If you don't then go check her out here:  She has been helping me all the way with how to add buttons, pictures, and more.  Soon I will change to a 3 column blog thanks to her help, but when I get time.  She is a really sweet girl and she is another Arizona cloth diaper mom!! Not easy to come by around here.  At least she is the only 1 I know here in Arizona.  And I didn't say it but she is expecting #4!!! YAY for Alesha!

Next, I would love to thank Hanna (One Southern Girl) for all her advice and help.  She actually helped with the name of my blog.  You may know her as @HappyReviews on twitter or from her blog: Happily Southern Reviews and Giveaways:  She is also Awesome and has her first review up now.. go check it out.

And 1 more thank you goes to The Baby Store Plus!  She gave me some ideas and advice also and she added to the name of my blog...  Check out her store here: or follow her blog: . She is also on twitter as: @babystoreplus.  And she is super busy too because she also has and has @bloggermommies on twitter.

So here's to a GREAT BIG THANK YOU LADIES!!!!  And don't worry I will still be coming to you for more advice and tips... :)

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  1. Aww, a public thank you was really not necessary, it was totally my pleasure to help you get started...just repaying the kind favors of so many who helped me get started too.

    I love the new blog...Have fun!