Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cloth diaper giveaways!

Here are a few cloth diaper giveaways going on now.
Also, at Organic Girl she is having a giveaway for small Bummis Wet Bag sposnsored by ecomum! This giveaway ends March 21.
While your there look at her giveaway list as she has other great giveaways as well as more cloth diaper related giveaways.

The Cloth Diaper Exposed Event is still going on @ Loves Jurn3.  There are still a few giveaways open.  CHeck out the GroBaby and AppleCheeks giveaways! There are more so check them out too.

There are a few Smartipants diaper giveaways out there too. 

TicTacDough is having a Labor of Love baby shower event.  She has lots of great items included in this event.  One item that is included in the giveaways is a Softbums diaper!  I love this diaper!  It has snap in liners that you can just change the liner and use the cover for more than one diaper change.  The softbums basic pack includes 3 liners which would equal to 3 diapers in 1.  Who doesn't want to have 3 diapers in 1??  I have found this diaper to be wonderful for trips around town with less to carry.  And as a fellow cloth diaper mom you know the importance of saving room in the diaper and wet bag.  You can enter the giveaway here and do it by March 11.  While your on the blog be sure to check out all the other great giveaways. 

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is having a Brining home Baby Event and there are a few great cloth diaper giveaways included in the event.  All of these cloth diaper giveaways end on March 3.
And I know this is not a cloth diaper but It is part of the Brining home baby event!  Check out this great Jeep Trek Easy Travel Playard by Kolcraft!  This giveaway ends on 3/24

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