Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Years, New To You Swap

In case you didn't know about this Emi over at The Cloth Diaper Report and Danielle at There's No Snakes in New Zealand got together and decided to do a New Years, New To You Swap.  This was a used (and a few new) diaper swap.  So if you wanted to participate you would choose a diaper that was in good to excellent condition that you now longer used.  Maybe you didn't like the fit on your child, didn't like the style, or just never found yourself using that diaper.  It needed to be in working order, meaning elastic is good, velcro or snaps are good, and little to no staining.  I thought this would be fun so I joined.  Now I had to choose a diaper or more to put up to swap.  I decided that I would add a brand new, never used Perfect size Fuzzi bunz diaper I had.  I had won a lot of 3 of these diapers a while back and was so very excited when I won that I told the blogger that I wanted size large.  Well, needless to say large is pretty big.  Jayden is a skinny thing and large was big on him.  I did open and use one double stuffed for night time a few times.  But I thought this would be a good time to try something new so I put in 1 of my Fuzzi bunz. 
I can't tell you who I sent my diaper to, because its a surprise and I am not sure if she received it yet.  I am hoping she has.  And I hope she loves it.

Anyway, there were very few Brand New diapers in the swap and none that fit my preferences.  So Emi was able to pair me up to receive a diaper that was in almost new condition and I was fine with that.  I received my package and on the outside it said "Fluffy Mail from Zealands Mom".  I was so excited to open it up and see what I got.  It was a beautiful one size Kindernappies in brown with the insert!

I don't own any Knickernappies at all so I was excited to get this one.  And I love that the color is brown.  I have been wanting a brown diaper and this is perfect.  Danielle said that this diaper was barely used since her husband doesn't like side snap diapers.  I can relate to that since my husband doesn't like snaps at all.  But I don't care I love it and I do most the diaper changes.  I just save the velcro diapers for my husband to use. 

Doesn't Jayden look cute in his new diaper??  Here is one more shot:

I think that this swap was a sucess for me and would love to do it again in the future. I want to thank both Emi and Danielle for hosting and working so hard on this swap.  And I want to especially thank Danielle for sending this great diaper over.  I hope that the person that has received my diaper is happy too.  I encourage you to visit the sites of both Emi and Danielle.  They both have great cloth diaper information and more.  Plus they both host giveaways.  Also, if you want to see what other people received in the swap then check out the New Years, New to You Swap post.


  1. That is super cute! Looks like you got a great one! Maybe I'll have to participate next year! =)

  2. Adorable! I have yet to try the Knickernappies OS *gasp* but hopefully someday soon, lol.

  3. Sounds like fun!!! I've always wanted to try a Knickernappies.