Sunday, March 21, 2010

My little guy is a soccer tot!

    Have you ever heard of Soccer Tots??  I had not until recently when my sister in law text me to tell me she is putting my nephew in a class and I should put Jayden in one.  Well I looked them up online and here in Arizona the organization is called B.E.S.T. (Beginners Edge Sports Training).  They actually do all kinds of sports, but for Jayden's age group its only soccer.  Jayden's class is the 18 months to 30 months.  I wasn't too sure if we would be able to do it.  It's kind of expensive at $99 for 8 weeks plus a $15 registration fee.  But they did have a $15 trial class option availiable.  So we decided to sign up and see what its like.  There are many different locations so we found the one closest to us and they have class on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. 

    So the class we signed up for was March 7, 2010.  That was a very rainny day.  But to our luck it was at an indoor gym!  So we could still attend class and not get wet.  We showed up and met Coach Adam.  He was a very nice man.  There were 2 other children in class a little girl and a little boy.  The girl was probably just a couple months older than Jayden and the boy was over 2.  Jayden was very shy at first clinging to daddy, but once he saw the balls and that everyone was kicking them he was very excited.  He loved it.  There are lots of fun active games they play like kicking over cones, standing them back up with your feet, building towers and knocking them down, chasing hula hoops, obstacle course, kicking goals, and much more.  The class is somewhat fast pace to keep the kids interest.  The coach is great with them and does not get frustrated when they waner off. Of course this class is full parent participation so your with your child doing it all. 

    Needless to say it was difficult to take Jayden home that day.  He especially loved the stamps the coach gave him.  Couch gave belly bubbles (bubble stamp on the belly), a car on one hand, and a duck on the other.  He just kept staring at the stamps saying "duck" "car" "duck" "car"... Even when they faded from washing he knew which hand had which stamp. 

    So after the class we decided that we did want him in the class if only for the fun of being with other children his age.  He does go to a sitter while I work, but he is the only child there now, so he doesn't get much socialization.  There was only one more class left in this session so we were going to sign up for the next session of classes which start next this next week. The people in the office were so kind they let us take the last class for free.  So Jayden has attended 2 classes and will start again next week.  Can't wait to see how much fun he has.

    If your interested in getting your child involved I would encourage you to check out the websites for SoccerTots and B.E.S.T.  SoccerTots is in many states so even if your not in Arizona you should be able to find one near you.  If your in Arizona then check out B.E.S.T. and they do more than soccer.  I did not get paid or was not asked to write this post.  Just wanted to share something fun we found with all of you.