Friday, March 5, 2010

Pa! Pa! Pa!

 Jayden is a pacifier baby!  He LOVES his pacifiers.  He calls them "pa."  He was even at the point where he wanted one in his mouth and one in each hand to go to sleep.  And he is a bit picky with which pacifiers they are.  They have to be silicone MAM brand and not one of the ones with texture on the nipple.  I found that out the hard way.  But lately he has decided to chew on them and they are getting holes in them.  When they get a hole he does not want them anymore.  And of course we don't want him to chew or suck on something that might go down his throat.  So I was thinking last week, huh I will buy a couple of packages and be ahead of the game.  I found them in 2 packs at Big Lots for $3, which is a good price.  I bought 2 packages, so that is 4 pacifiers.  He already had 2 he was using.  Well let me tell you that last Friday we had to open a package and he chewed a hole in one that night and the other the next day!!  My little man is a chewer for sure. 
   I got home from work today and my hubby says, "all the pa's have holes in them now."  I said well maybe we try no pa for bed tonight.  So I laid Jayden down without the pa.  He did alright at first, but 10 minutes later he was crying.  So I went in and rubbed his forehead and he fell asleep.  I was thinkin' WOW that was easy.  Well, an hour later he was crying like crazy!  Nothing calmed him down.  So I had to run to the store for a new pacifier.  Yes I know I gave in, but as a mom you know that sometimes it is necessary.  Anyway, Walgreens is close so I run in and guess what!?!  They did not have the right pacifiers.  Now I know my little man is picky so I can't just buy any pacifier.. So I walk out and debate.. Target or Walmart.  Target is closer, but sometimes they don't have them.  I took the chance and ran to Target.  I get there and YAY they had a couple packages.  I only buy 1 since it cost $4.50!  (I can go to Big Lots and get more $3.00 packages tomorrow)  I am sure the guy at the register thought I was crazy buying a $4.50 pacifier on my debit card, but oh well!  I rush home and hubby has Jayden in bed with him.  He's asleep, but in a crazy position.  John of course wants me to take him back to bed.  I put Jayden in bed and give him the pa before he cries and now it is quiet. 
   He is 21 months and I know he can't go on forever with the pacifier, I mean I don't want him down the road to be the 4 year old with a pacifier.  I would love some ideas on what you did.  I am not in a super rush, but I don't want to buy new ones each week with him chewing them up.  So tell me what did you do to help your little one get past the pacifier?? 


  1. Oh I know the pacifier battles all too well! Both my oldest and my middle seemed to have them forever. The oldest is 14 now and I can't remember for the life of me how he ended up giving them up. The middle just turned 4, and just finally kicked the habit about 9 months ago. He didn't like ones with holes in them either and I just refused to buy any more. Once the last one had a hole, he had to choose none or a "broken one." There were a couple of sad nights, but he goes to sleep like a champ now! Getting rid of his blankie, however, may be a different story...

  2. I got lucky on this, my first son self weaned himself from the pacifier at 10 months and the new one doesn't have much interest. Could you try limiting the Pa's to his bed only? So maybe he won't chew them up if he's already tired and going to sleep? That would also start limiting his use and might make it easier for him to let go of completely. My mom did this with my brother and my sister had to have one in each hand and one in her mouth too..there's even a picture of her with on in each hand and 2 in her mouth, she was more than a little attached, lol. I don't remember how long she had the pacifiers but I don't think it was past 3, and only in her bed past 2.

  3. I just read this today and thought it was a great idea!! Good luck!