Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cloth in hospitals

cloth in hospitals

Have you seen the new plan to get cloth diapers in Hospitals??  Hospitals use and waste so much money on disposable diapers, wouldn't it be great if they used cloth!?!

There is a Facebook Page that supports the use of Cloth in Hospitals and you can become a fan or "like" the page by going HERE!

Also, they are asking for people to call your hospitals and visit them, take them some brochures and let's let them know we ARE serious and not just all talk!

And to make it even better they are having a big giveaway on their blog.  Go HERE!  Lots of prizes.

So lets help out and get cloth in the hospitals.  Hopefully they will be all cloth by the time I go again with baby #2... no I am not pregnant yet and it will be a little bit, but that gives the hospital some time to come around.  LOL!!  Go support Cloth in Hospitals!!


  1. This is a fantastic idea! I'm all for cloth diapering, and hospitals should have to at least provide the option to use cloth. Plus, it would keep so much trash out of the landfills!

    How amazing would it be if hospitals started babies out on cloth, let the parents see how easy it can be, and then provided brochures/info about cloth diapering services and cloth diapering in general! Love it. :D

  2. I think cloth diapers in hospitals are a great idea. It makes sense. For now though please take a look at for weekly specials.