Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cozy Coupe

Have you seen this cute little car??  If your a mom to a toddler you have.  Jayden LOVES this thing.  His cousin has one and he always wants to ride it.  His cousin isn't so good at sharing so he only occationally rides when we visit.  This last weekend we went to a friends birthday party and Jayden was in heaven that they had a cozy coupe and let him have it all to himself.  Anyway!  I would LOVE to win this car for Jayden, I know I want to win a lot for my little man, but hey why not.  If your interested in winning this car too then you can enter the Little Tikes 40th Anniversary Cozy Coupe Giveaway over at Blessings Abound.  The giveaway ends April 28.

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