Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has had a good Easter.  We had a pretty low key weekend.  We went to an Easter Egg hunt and celebration at the Peoria Sports Complex.  Which is a spring training facility for lots of baseball teams.  It was fun.  They had hunts for all the different age groups.  Of course the 1 year olds started it off at 8:20am.  So we had to be there nice and early.
There were LOTS of people there.  Jayden didn't want to let go of the State Farm soccer ball he received as we came into the event.  So he hunted while holding his ball.  He only got 2 pieces of candy, but that was just fine for us.  He didn't like the candy anyway.  Parents would run with their child so their kid could get more candy.  They are 1!  Jayden's little best friend was able to get one piece of candy and some lady gave him a dirty look because her daughter needed a 10th piece of candy!
Either way it was a fun hunt.  Then there were some games and other things to see.  First we saw the water drop from the water company walking around and we saw the Easter Bunny!
The second picture with the water drop Jayden was trying to hug it, but just put his head out.  He really loved the Easter Bunny.  He refused to see Santa this year, but loved the Easter Bunny.
Jayden also got to try his first funnel cake and LOVED it!
He was being really sweet sharing his toys with his best friend Aidan.. Yes Jayden and Aidan are best friends, too funny.  And we met after they were both born so not a plan.
Jayden and Aidan are 6 months apart.  Jayden is the older of the two, but they are about the same size.  I think that Aidan is a little heavier, but same height.
This morning Jayden came into the living room to a gift from the Easter Bunny!
The first thing he went for were the egg shaped balls (football, basketball, soccer ball, and baseballs).   He then looked at everything else with daddy. 

It was a fun and relaxing Easter.  Our plans for a big family picnic did not work out due to everyone's schedule, but we had a good time regardless.
What did you do for Easter?  I love to hear (or read) your stories.

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  1. Aw, so fun!
    I love that your hubs takes pictures of you with Jayden! I'm hardly ever in pictures! LOL!