Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Fuzzi Bunz Color!

Have you seen the new Fuzzi Bunz color??  Well if not then see below!
Fuzzi Bunz is trying to decide on a name for the new color.  They had a bunch of people put in their ideas as a contest and from those ideas they could not decide.  Now they are putting it up to a vote.  So you can vote for the name of this diaper.  If you want to vote then go HERE!  But before you go I have to ask you a favor...  if you go vote could you really think about choosing the color Peach Fuzz, PLEASE!!  A friend of mine (you may know her Alesha from The Jacobsen Family) picked that name and if it gets the most votes then she may win some diapers.  She can use diapers for her bundle of joy on the way.  I would really appreciate it and I know that she would too.  The voting ends April 19th so hurry on over and vote. Thanks so much!!


  1. Aw thanks!!!!! You're such a great friend!
    Now, here's hoping I was the first to suggest it like I think... Possibly another email entry in before mine, but I'm crossing my fingers!! =)
    I really think it's the best suggestion anyway, even if I wasn't the first... =)~

  2. how cool! I will go vote for her color :)