Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Am EveryWear 30 Day Challenge: Side Carry

It has been awhile since I posted about the I Am EveryWear 30 Day Challenge and the Challenge is almost over.  I wanted to first thank Erin from Scandinavian Child for posting where to find some video's on using the Lillebaby carrier.  I saw somethings that I did wrong last time.  Like I didn't use the safety strap around the hip clip.  There were also some ways to be sure your child was in correctly.  I don't think I was way off, but the video's were very helpful.  While I was there I watched the video's about how to adjust your carrier to be a hip carry and how to put your child in the hip carry position. 

Today we had to go to Sam's club and do some shopping.  So I decided to try the Lillebaby carrier in the hip carry position.  It was pretty easy to get on and I must say that I love the feeling of having Jayden so close to me.  It felt pretty natural.  Jayden just leaned in and put his head on my chest most the time. 

When we got inside of Sam's the first thing we had to do was get a polish sausage, because my husband loves them.  So it was pretty easy to just take Jayden out of the carrier so he could sit next to me.  I was able to leave the carrier strapped around my waist.  Then it was ready when we were done and ready to shop. 

While pushing the cart Jayden loved to help by putting his had on the cart.  This was nice because Jayden really likes to push the cart and I hate to bend down and hold him so he can hold the handle.  Jayden pointed out so many things to me and it was nice to know he was right there with me.  Now of course Jayden is an independent almost 2 year old so it did not take too long for him to want down and walk himself.  But I must say he stayed in the carrier WAY longer then he would if I was just holding him. 

As we finished shopping Jayden was getting tired and cranky.  So I put the carrier back on and daddy gave him his pacifier. (Yes I know, he still has his PA.  But we do or should I say I limit it to the bed and car most the time.  But when he is a fussy boy is public we have to give in.)  He just cuddled up and put his head on my chest again and was happy again. 

My husband asked me if he was too heavy or if it was uncomfortable, but I will have to say no to both questions.  I think using the carrier he was much lighter then just carrying him alone.  And the carrier was pretty comfortable to wear even for me using it this way for the first time with a toddler. 

I know that I wanted to go to some exciting places to baby wear, but the truth is I haven't been anywhere exciting to begin with.  Life has been too busy and hectic lately.  But I am off work this week and hope to get out and do things soon.  I will continue to give you some updates as I have some and post some pictures too, even after the I Am EveryWear 30 Day Challenge is over. 

I really want to thank Scandinavian Child for giving me this wonderful carrier and for giving me the opportunity to try out baby wearing.  I know now that when I do have another child I really want to baby wear from the beginning and I am excited to see how this carrier works with a baby. 

I was supplied the Lillebaby Carrier free of charge to try and give my thoughts on the product.  I was not paid or compensated in any way.  All thoughts expressed are that of my own.

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  1. We don't go anywhere exciting either! ...but, we still baby wear. Even if my 2 year old is sick, I put him in my Moby Wrap. I don't want to say he is fragile, but he takes things so hard. I love the power of baby wearing. It seems to be soothing for both of us.