Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our First Toddle

OK, some of you may remember a while back that I had posted about the First Toddle that I wanted to win.  Well, I won one of them!!  I won from Mommy Instincts, if you have not been to her page then you should check it out.  I was very excited to get this and try it out.   It is kind of hard to see from the picture what it is really like.  I honestly thought from the picture that it was really small, could not see how a child could fit playing on and with it.  But it is actually big enough for a baby or toddler. 

I love that this is designed for 9 months and up.  I prefer products that can be used for a longer duration of time.  I hate when Jayden outgrows something and I have to spend money on something else.  Of course I received this after Jayden was over a year old, but there is still many ways he can use this.  His favorite and pretty much the only way he will let me set it up right now is a soccer goal.  Since Jayden is in the Soccer Tots class he wants a goal like his coach.  He loves to kick his soccer ball into the goal and he yells "GOAL"... just like in soccer class.  He did try to crawl thru like a tunnel once, but wanted it to be a soccer goal.  Jayden and Daddy will line up all his balls, even non-soccer balls, and he will kick them into the goal one at a time. 

I don't have pictures to represent the variety of ways that this product can be used, but you can check out the First Toddle Website for lots more on the versatility of this product.  I was also excited to learn that the First Toddle is from right here in Arizona.  Their offices are in Phoenix.  The shipping on this item was super fast.  The company contacted me to let me know that the item was shipping out and when I should expect it.  It came right when they said.  If I remember right I think I received it in less than a week from the giveaway ending.  The company was also nice in contacting me to see if I had any questions or concerns about the product and they offered for me to call anytime.  I will definitely say the customer service was wonderful.  I think the only thing you will need is a better soccer ball when your child uses it as a soccer goal.  The two balls that comes with it are small and great for a little baby.  But with a toddler you will want a more durable ball.  This was not a problem for us since Jayden has tons and yes I mean tons of balls.
You can check out all the awards they have won with this product. 
I can't wait to have baby #2 to see how this can be used with a 9 month old.  Maybe I will have to try it out with my twin nieces when they are a couple months older. 

I want to say Thank you so much to First Toddle for offering this product in a giveaway.  And I want to thank Jen from Mommy Instincts for holding the giveaway on her blog and choosing me as the winner.  Well, Random picked the winner, but I am happy I won and Jayden is too!!

If your at all interested in this product then you should check it out!  Also, I suggest than you "like" the First Toddle Facebook page, you might find a discount code on there.  I was not paid or compensated to write this post.  I am writing about my own experiences and opinions. 

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