Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walk With Me was a great sucess!!

The Walk With Me Event to raise money for Easter Seals was a huge sucess!!  The amount raised was $150,401.00!!  WOW!!  and even better there are still a few donations coming in.  I would like to thank everyone that supported me in this walk.  I would also like to thank my little team..

We had a great time.. During the walk the boys, well mostly Jayden wanted to hang on.  He kept grabbing Aidan's stroller and pulling him closer.. He loves his little buddy.  Aidan would put his hand on top every so often. 
After the walk there was some food and fun stuff to do.

Notice the really cute shirts they boys are wearing!?!  I made them the night before.  I had been planning, but did not get to it until the night before.  But I think they turned out great!  What do you think?  I used Jayden's feet for both shirts since I was so last minute and he loved it, but was very ticklish..
Jayden loved the radio station booth.. He kept running over to dance to the music.

The boys were relaxing near the park lake here.. Jayden just kickin back and Aidan is coverd in purple sucker.. Bad Grandma for giving the baby a purple sucker!!  He was a mess.  Lucky I hid Jayden's from him.
Again I want to say thank you to all who sponsored us and helped us to raise money for children with disabilities.  And we will be back next year to do it again!

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