Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jayden's 2 Year Doctor Appointment

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My baby is growing TOO fast!  I can't believe he will be 2 soon. 

Today was Jayden's 2 year doctor visit.  And he only cried a little.  He does not like it when the doctor puts the tongue depressor in his mouth and looks so that made him cry.  And his little manhood was sticking again and the doctor had to pull it apart, so of course that made him cry.  But when the nurse gave him a shot in the arm he did not cry, he gave her an evil look, but no crying.

I was very excited that our pediatrician used some information I gave him and signed up for a program called ROR or Reach Out and Read.  It is an awesome non profit program that offers free books to children at their check up visits to the doctor.  The pediatricians office can sign up to participate and if they qualify the books are free to them.  They also set up a really nice book area in the waiting room and have volunteers come read to children that are waiting.  I am so excited that my doctor took my information and now is apart of the program.  Jayden received his first book from the program today.  He was very happy with the book the doctor picked out for him.  I knew about the program because the agency I work for has a ROR department.  If your peditricians office does not have this program go to the website and give the information to your doctor.  Maybe they will sign up.  My doctor says he is so happy I told him about it.  All the other doctors in the office love it too and patients are really loving it.  They can't wait for the volunteers to come in the next week. 

Anyway, this post was not about ROR, but I wanted to share how awesome it was.  This is about my baby boy.  When he was born he was 9 lbs. 1.7 oz and 21 inches.  Not sure what percentile that is, but I am sure it was in the 90%!!

Now almost 2 years later he is 27.2 lbs and 35 inches!  He is in the 40% for weight and 70% for height.  So I have a tall skinny toddler.  Oh and he has a big head at 19 3/4, which is 85%!  No wonder its hard to find hats that fit him. LOL!

I am so happy to have this wonderful little boy in my life.  Now if I can only find a way to keep him so cute and little! Mama loves you Jayden!


  1. Awe! They grow up so fast, too fast! My son Ayden is going for his 2 year checkup tomorrow. He was 2 lbs less than Jayden at birth but I'm sure he is much heavier than 27lbs. At his last visit he was almost 40lbs. We are all tall though.. Anyway- don't want to take up your post. Kids grow up so fast and you have me teary-eyed. Thanks for sharing the ROR - I will have to look at that for our visit tomorrow. Happy Birthday Jayden! Thanks for sharing..


  2. They grow up so fast! Happy Birthday Jayden!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Jayden!! What a huge baby he was, you poor thing! LOL!
    Love the ROR program. Our old pediatrician didn't use it, but the new one we have does (I am assuming they use it. The kids each got books at their visit. Perfect to help after the shots!). =)

  4. What a handsome little boy he is now. Happy Birthday big boy. Good work for setting up that reading area in your pediatricians office. Jayden will be benefitting from reading corner sooner than you think. Good work!


  5. How sweet!! They really grow way too fast!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jayden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!