Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jayden's Birthday Party!

Jayden's Birthday was on Thursday, June 3.  So we had a family day.  I took the week off work so I was home.  We went to Peter Piper Pizza to play games and eat pizza.  Jayden loves this place.  And it was nice being a Thursday afternoon there were hardly any other people there. 
Then he got to play in his pool and new water table.  I forgot the camera inside so I didn't get any good pictures.

The actual birthday party with friends and family was on Saturday.  Since it is so hot here in Arizona we started with eating pizza so it would cool down a bit before going outside to play.
This is Aidan (Jayden's little buddy), Jayden, and my nephew Tanner.  Yes I put a bib on Jayden because he was wearing a white shirt and didn't want to take it off.  So a bib kept pizza sauce from getting all over his nice shirt. 

Soon after eating I walked into the living room and found this!  All the kids were throwing balls everywhere.  It was definitely time to go outside and get some energy out.  So we went behind our house which is a nice shaded greenbelt area.  It was still hot, but better with the shade and the sun beginning to go down.
All the kids loved the Great Big Outdoor Ball from Hearth Song that I won at The Groschen Goblins.  It was so fun.  None of the little kids wanted to get in, but the big kids loved it.  It was perfect because there is a hill in the greenbelt and they would bring the ball to the top and roll down the hill.  There were cars driving by real slow watching them.  One even stopped and sat there for at least 8 minutes watching. 
After about 20 minutes or so of fun outside (can't be out much longer in June in Arizona due to the heat) we went inside to open gifts.  Jayden received lots of really nice gifts.  Way more than I expected.  There were lots of clothes, toys, and more.
I think he was very spoiled with grandma and grandpa giving him a strider bike and his Aunt and Uncle giving him a quad push car.
Then there was yummy cake and homemade ice cream.  In my family my mom always made us homemade ice cream for our birthdays.  So I wanted to continue that tradition.  My mom made the cake for me.. isn't it great.  She made it all with just a square cake pan!
Jayden LOVED when everyone sang to him.
Then he ate 3 pieces of cake and some ice cream!!!  My little man was loving the cake.
You can see my nephew Tanner riding Jayden's bike.  He rode it all over the house.  My brother and law had to hide it from him.  He had a big fit when he left.  He kept saying "MINE".  I am hoping to win him one for his birthday next month.
I really can't believe Jayden is already 2 years old!! 
Here are a couple of recent shots of Jayden playing with some of his toys:


  1. SO cool! Jayden has the most adorable smile! I love it!!
    OK, the toys are just way too cool! What a spoiled kid! ;) It's so nice to win such awesome stuff.
    Erik got that quad for his 2nd birthday too, and he loves it.

  2. Happy Birthday Jayden! Looks like one fun birthday & party!