Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Independence Day to everyone!!! 

 I wish everyone a very safe and happy day and night!

And I could not resist giving you a red, white, and blue shot of cloth~

Additionally, In honor of the 4th of July I would love to give some extra entries into the Top to Bottom Baby Boutique giveaway.. so comment on this post about your plans for the 4th or anything related to the 4th of July and then give yourself 4 more entries with the comment., "Happy 4th of July!"


  1. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Love the patriotic cloth!

  2. Hopefully later today we will be able to go outside and light some fireworks! It has been rainy here so I hope we get to!

  3. I am going to have a BBQ at friend's house today!

    I went to Naval station's open house to see the USS Abraham Lincoln yesterday.

  4. Slow nice day until the activites begin this evening... the traditional Michaud way is hamburgers on the grill, go see the fireworks at the nearby small town (where it is an "interactive" experience because you're so close to the fireworks and sometimes have to dive the falling ash!), then come home and have root beer floats. This year will be especially fun because of our first son/nephew/grandson and also a new bro-in-law! :D

  5. Just hoping the fireworks don't wake my little one up!!!!

  6. We 'planned' on going camping somewhere in SE Colorado, however the plans kept changing by the minute so we ended up staying home and doing many of the things were were going to do while away...such as, we went on a motorcycle ride, we went into New Mexico and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, we shopped for fun stuff while there, we visited the kids & grandkids, we relaxed and slept in every morning, and I even snuck in some computer work too.

    Hope your 4th of July was fun and relaxing too.

  7. We had a nice day playing at home in the water slide and shooting off fire works in the street!

  8. Well we've already talked about it, but for the extra entries, I'll share again... =)
    We didnt plan on anything initially, but then Gary decided on Sunday that he wanted to go park near Peoria Sports Complex like we did last year and watch their fireworks display (without having to pay for going IN!). =)
    So, after church we chatted with some friends and made plans to meet up there. There were about 18 of us! Killed time tossing a football in the parking lot before and after the show (after we had to wait for all of the traffic to leave. Took over an hour!!). Good times. =)