Friday, July 30, 2010

Koala Kuddles Review & Discount Code

Have you heard of Koala Kuddles??  I had seen them on other blogs and twitter.  I thought they looked very nice.  So I contacted them about a possible review.  They were very nice and said they'd love for me to review and share their product with all of you.  So they sent me out 2 of their baby swaddle blankets.  One was rolled as they normally come and the second was pre-washed for me.  I was very excited to take them out and see them.  Right away I knew they were not like most swaddling blankets I have used.  They were larger than most and significantly thinner.  The Koala Kuddles Baby Swaddle is made of 100% cotton woven in a quilted fashion to give it extra cushioning for added softness. The blanket measures 39" x 39".  The Koala Kuddles are made in Austin, but they are authentically Australian.  The material helps to minimize overheating.  The blankets are pill resistant and soft to the touch.  They continue to get softer as you use and wash them. 

Koala Kuddles has swaddle suggestions to help with swaddling and a video that you can watch too!

When Jayden was an infant he had to be swaddled to sleep for any period of time, but he was a great escape artist too!  I had some of those swaddling blankets that were not really a blanket, they wrap around your baby and velcro closed.  I would tighten it up around Jayden and velcro him closed.  The problems I had with them is he would break free easily, they were thick so I worried about being too hot (he used them in AZ summer), and they were sized so if he grew I had to get a larger size.  Don't get me wrong they helped with extended sleep, but could have been better. 

I called him my burrito baby.  I really wish I had some of these Koala Kuddles baby swaddles at that time.  These blankets are very light to allow air flow around your baby and not to overheat them.  Using a swaddling blanket like this means you don't have to worry about buying the next size up.  I had plenty of receiving blankets and everyone said just use the receiving blankets.. um I had a baby over 9lbs!  Receiving blankets were not useful for swaddling Mr. Jayden at all!  They did not wrap around well and he would break free very quickly. 

With the Koala Kuddle the lightweight weave, and substantial size, allows the baby to be more effectively swaddled because there is more flexibility, or ‘give’, in the fabric itself. These blankets provide a tighter and more snug wrap with extra cushioning for baby.  The prints on these blankets are so cute.  I love the Australian animals!  Jayden loved it too.  When I pulled out the animal print blanket that we were sent Jayden took it immediately.  He found the kangaroos first and then began pointing to all the other animals and naming the ones he knew or recognized. 

I love all the ways you can use the blanket, not just for swaddling. 
*  Blanket for the stroller
*  Cover up for the nursing mother (lightweight so you don't over heat in the summer)
*  Sun shield for baby in the stroller ( I hate putting a heavy blanket over Jayden in the heat, but I hate the sun on him.. this is the perfect solution)
*  Long after they have been a swaddling cloth they become a treasured ‘blankie’ for the toddler

Jayden likes to cuddle up with his Koala Kuddles blanket.  Its perfect for summer nights that don't get real cold, but you want some coverage.  This is going to be the perfect blanket to use on Jayden's stroller when in the sun, such as visits to the zoo or just walks around the block.  And they will be wonderful when when have our next baby.

You can buy a 3 pack of the Koala Kuddles for $32.95.  You can also find Koala Kuddles at many retailers.  
Follow Koala Kuddles on twitter and keep up to date on some great deals. 

 Koala Kuddles has been so kind as to offer a discount code for 20% off!!  The code is arizonamama and it is good until August 15, 2010! 

I was provided 2 Koala Kuddles bankets to help me with my review.  I was not compensated in anyway for this post.  All the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by anyone.

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