Friday, July 9, 2010

Snack Taxi Review

   SnackTAXI was invented by a mother of 3 that packed a lot of lunches.  The snackTAXI is made in the hills of western MassachusettaSnackTAXIs have a 100% cotton exterior and are lined with nylon that has a polyurethane coating on the underside (the side that doesn't touch the food inside the sack).  Both fabrics are free of lead and phthalates

   Jayden goes to a sitter and I send him all his food daily.  I am going from school to school so I often take my lunch to work with me.  So packing lunch daily for 2 people means lots of plastic bags.  I use the baggies for everything, not just sandwiches.  I pack snacks and more. 

   I found Snack Taxi and they make reusable snack and sandwich bags.  So Snack Taxi was kind enough to send me a couple of bags to try out.  They sent me a sandwich bag and a snack bag.  Upon first opening and looking at the sacks I was impressed with the quality of the product.  The bags are made from a very sturdy and cute print material.  They have many very cute prints.  I was sent the egg beater sandwich sack and the blast off snack sack.  The size of each are very generous and the velcro closure gives room for a larger or smaller item to fit.
   I threw them both into my gentle cycle wash first thing.  I just always feel better when things are washed.  They washed up and air dried nicely.  So the first day I used both for myself.  I made a sandwich and some chips for lunch.  The worked great and that makes 2 bags saved!  I really like that the velcro closure is made to expand the size of the bag or make it smaller.  The bags sizes what works for you.

   The next day I sent Jayden to the sitter with some fish sticks in the small snack taxi.  The sitter thought the bag was so cute!  It worked great and easily cleaned up.

   The approximate measurements for snackTAXI products are as follows:

  • snack-sack 6"W x 4.5"H

  • sandwich-sack 7.5"W x 6"H

  • lunch-sack 10"W x 11"H w/ a 3" bottom

  • twice as nice napkin 8" W x 14" L

  • bulk/produce bag 10"W (20" circumference opening) x 18" L 
   Some plastic facts: Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide that's over 1 million per minute.  That is a whole lot of bags.  Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photodegrade-breaking into smaller and smaller toxic bits, contaminating soil and waterways, and entering the food chain when animals accidentally eat them.  I always think back to when I was a kid and the soda companies used to put those plastic rings on 6 packs of soda.  I remember the big things was that the plastic rings would find their way to the ocean and wrap around some dolphins necks and choke them.  I use to go crazy cutting all the rings for fear of hurting the poor dolphins. 
   Using the snackTAXI could help save the world of all this toxic trash.  And at the very least it can help save you money on buying sandwich and snack bags. 

   Check out the SnackTAXI and see all the cute prints they offer.  SnackTAXI also makes and sells lunch sacks, produce bags, and reusable napkins.  You can order snackTAXI's online or find a local retailer that sells them.  Also, you can suggest some local locations to carry the snackTAXI and if the retailer decides to stock snackTAXI then you can win some free products for yourself. 

   The snackTAXI retails for $6.95-8.95.  You can find SnackTAXI on Facebook too!  Go check out SnackTAXI and see what you find, I am sure you will love their products.  I would love to know what your favorite prints are.  I love the Groovy Guitars.  Also, I would love to know if you purchase from SnackTAXI

I was provided this product to help me in my review process. I was not compensated in any way for this review. All views posted are that of my own and not influenced by anyone else. Thank you to SnackTAXI!~


  1. They are so cute! We wash our plastic bags and reuse them. This would be way more fun!

  2. Cute! I like the blast-off snack sack. After living in Japan we use mostly reusable containers for all our snack & lunch items. There they make it an art form, and so much fun. Glad to see people catching on here.

  3. i like the russian floral snack sack!

  4. I like the Azure Jungle Jumble print.

  5. I love the Set the Table print!!

  6. Love these! Especially like the blast-off snack sack print. So fun.

  7. I love the grass menageria print, but there are so many adorable ones!

  8. I like the owls on blue print.

  9. I like the Disco Dots print.

  10. The snack bags sound like they would be a great idea for us too. We often pack snacks for J (and us) when he has a doctor's appointment and I know that J and his sisters would love the horsing around print! :)