Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CCBums Fleece Pull Up Pant Review

Looking to “go green” the right way? CC Bums will help you!

     CC Bums (Cami's Courts Bums) was started May 15, 2009.  Cami started out making cloth diapers and mama cloth.  Since then her line has grown to include longies, wet bags, wipes, breast pads, bibs, toys, changing pads, training pants and more!!  I found CC Bums on facebook from a friends suggestion. I right away thought how cute all her items were.  I then saw she was posting about testers for training pants, so with Jayden about ready to train I jumped on it.  But seems I was jumping late because she had already filled her slots.  I then asked about reviewing here.  Cami told me about her fleece pull up pants and I was immediately interested.  She told me to look at the fabric choices and let her know what I liked.  I really liked the Ooga Booga, but that was not in fleece material.  But Cami was so nice she said she could make them grey and add the ooga booga print on the back.  I said "YES!" 

     It took no time at all and I saw my cute little pants posted on her facebook wall.  Then she shipped them out and they were even cuter in person.  I immediately put them in the next cycle of wash.  I just threw them in with all my cloth diaper laundry.  I was very excited to try them.  CC Bums sent me a size 3T because she said they run a little small and Jayden is in a 2T now, so I didn't want him to outgrow them too fast.  I am glad I went with the 3T, as he has plenty of room to grow.

     When all the washing was complete and I had a weekend day to try them out I did.  I put them on and reminded Jayden to tell me when he has to go potty.  We are of course at the very beginning of potty training.  He ran around as usual.  I asked him if he needed to use the potty a few times.  He said, "NO!" of course.  The pull ups fit well. Jayden was able to move and run around easily.  They seemed to come up high on the waist a bit, but probably due to getting a slightly larger size. 

     Jayden did have an accident in the pull up, but there was not leak.  This was nice.  He felt wet and we changed him.  But there was no leak on my carpet or couch.  The pull up held it all in nicely.  There is a sewn in soaker that helps to absorb accidents.

     I am not sure how these would fit under clothing because we only used them at home.  But they seem like they might be a bit bulky.  But they would make a great nap time option when you don't want to go to a diaper, but don't want to chance an accident and wet sheets.  I will definitely be using the CC Bums Fleece Pull up pants more. I would recommend them to anyone that is training and want a cloth option.  You can see more of CC Bums products on their facebook page.  You can order products through their facbook page too!  The price for the Pull ups are $12 for 2t, $13 for 3t, $14 for 4t, $15 for 5t, and $16 for 6.  Also, when you like their facebook page watch because they will have the occasional giveaway.  And they also have great sales on some products. 


  1. They are so adorable! Love that even though he had an accident they didn't "leak" on your couch or carpets! Good luck with the potty training... It's loads of fun! ;)

  2. Those are very cute! Now I have to get some. :)