Friday, August 13, 2010

I added Email Subscription!! + Extra Entries

      I have been wanting to add an email subscription and I have had a few people ask me when I would add it.  But I was having problems and couldn't get it to work.  But then I saw an email from Emmy's Boos and Rawrs and it caught my eye.. it had a post that was called You Should set up email subscription, Yes You! And I just knew she was talking to me.  Number 1 because I needed to add it and number 2 because she was actually someone that said she wanted to subscribe in email and I should add it in a comment on my blog. LOL!  So anyway her post had some really easy to follow directions to add the email subscription! YAY!  So now I have it and would love it if you all subscribe. 

      And as an incentive I will offer 15 extra entries into any giveaway you want!  That means you can put all 15 on 1 giveaway or spread them out among the 4 I have open right now.  It is 15 entries Total for this.  Thanks!


  1. Is it really sad that I am so excited that you have added this? Because I am. Off to enter my extra entries!

  2. I love email subscriptions! So glad you added this up, I find it easier to keep up with blogs this way other wise I would forget who I was reading lol

  3. Yay! You got it to work! I couldn't remember how I'd set up mine...

    and... thanks for the extra entries! :)