Friday, August 6, 2010

RAIN in Arizona!?!?!

It finally rained here.. Well it did the end of last week and all weekend.  But just got the chance to post the pictures.  Jayden says... "I love the rain!" 
As John went to get a towel for Jayden I grabbed my camera!  LOL!  Too funny what people are thinking at the same time in the same situation.

slow to enter at first...

maybe I'll mow the lawn...

Oh no.. blue ball is getting wet I have to go get it...


"It's rain!"

"I Love the Rain!!"


  1. SO cute!!
    I had tons of rain pictures, but because it was blowing SO hard at our house (61mph!) most of the photos had water spots on them from the wind blowing the rain onto my camera lens! AH!

  2. I live in AZ too, and my little Finley got to feel the rain for the first time too. He liked reaching out from under the porch to feel it on his hand, but he did not like it when it fell on his head and face!

  3. Stopping by from NoGoBlogHer. I love the pictures. I live in Washington so we get our fair share of rain -- it's cute how excited your son is.

  4. Adorable! How often do you guys see rain? I love the progression of the pictures - too cute! -Joy

  5. this is cute when a baby does it... when one of my college friends saw snow for the first time it was just hysterical (she was from texas)