Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reading with your Child

     How much do you read to your child or children?  I have been reading to Jayden since he was still in the womb.  I feel like books and reading are very important.  Of course that is to be expected since I am a teacher.  Jayden loves books.  He has a shelf full of books and as you can see from above he likes to pull them out and read.  I swear I have to reorganize and clean up the book shelf every other day if not daily.  At night before he goes to bed he gets to pick three books to read.  He will often try to slip in a forth book.
     When I was still on maternity leave after his birth I took him to a story time at the library near our house.  We both loved it.  But sadly they only offered it during the day and I had to return to work.  We moved into the home we are in now when Jayden was 10 months old.  I found that the library near this home had a Tuesday night story time.  I was very excited and started to attend.  It was a 20-25 minute group of babies and parents.  The librarian would lead in singing songs and read a book.  Jayden LOVED it so much.  We continued to go every Tuesday night. 
     Recently they changed the Tuesday baby story time to ABC read with me.  ABC stands for Attention, Bonding, and Communication.  We have the same librarian.  This group is open for birth to 36 months.  We sing a few songs, read a book and then the children get to play with their parent and educational toys.  Of course Jayden wants to play with everyone else.  We are regulars there and the librarians know Jayden and there are a few families we see weekly.  Occasionally they also have special events.  We were able to see a puppet show of 'The Three Little Javalinas' and 'Tacky the penquin' was visiting the library.
     We really enjoy going to the library and participating weekly.  Jayden loves to interact with other children.  And since his sitter has lost some children he is the only one there now.  Lately Jayden's best friend Aidan has been attending with us also.  Which is so cute because they both get soooo excited to see each other, but they do get into some trouble too!  Of course! 
     Do you visit your local library?  Do you read to your children daily?  What ideas do you have to get your children involved with others?


  1. I Love reading myself, and always read to my kids. They became book lovers too. One has always got a book going and reads to her kids and the other is now a 2nd grade teacher and instills that love of book in her students.

    Kids learn not just to read, but to enjoy reading from us adults...expose them to books as babies and they will love to read books too!

    Good job Mama!


  2. We read all of the time! It's a great way for kids to learn to read themselves. Our homeschool curriculum is huge on reading, both self reading and being read to. Logan will be in 2nd grade this year, and much of what we are learning will be reinforced with books on that topic, both fiction and non-fiction.
    And as you know, we love the library too! We always check out the max amount of books allowed. So much fun!