Thursday, September 2, 2010

Potty Pony Pals Review

     Potty Pony Pals use visuals to bridge the communication gap between parent and toddler and end the frustration of potty training.  Potty Pony Pals is a system in which to teach your toddler how to "keep it dry".  The complete kit comes with two pairs of underwear and a DVD.  Potty Pony Pals training underwear are proudly manufactured in the USA from 100% Organic cotton. Using low impact dyes and unbleached organic cotton.  The DVD is a 10 minute cartoon that teaches your child to keep potty pony dry.

     When your ready to begin you watch the DVD with your child.  Point out all the fun characters with special attention to Potty Pony. Then get out your Potty Pony Pals underwear and explain these are new Potty Pants and they will help you to remember potty time. You want to remind them that Potty Pony doesn't like to get wet so you need to keep him dry. 

We received the kit with the DVD and the Potty Pony Pal Underwear.  The underwear are one size fits all so I was worried about sizing.  When we were ready to start I put the DVD in for Jayden to watch.  I kept pointing out the pony and saying "pony wants to stay dry, he doesn't like to get wet".  Jayden was telling me and my husband, "a pony, look a pony."  He even ran in the other room to get my nephew that was visiting to show him the pony.  The DVD is only 10 minutes.  It is a little strange.  The horse talks a little funny.  I wasn't sure if Jayden understood the connection between the horse staying out of the rain on the DVD and the horse staying dry in his underwear.  And the horse didn't walk on his adventure, he had lions carry him on a chariot.. kind of different.  But either way Jayden had fun watching. 

     When the DVD was over I showed Jayden the Potty Pony Pal Underwear.  I pointed out the horse on the inside.  I told him to "keep pony dry."  He repeated after me, but not sure he understood.  Either way I let him go play.  I continued to check in with him and tell him to keep Pony dry.  He would repeat, "pony dry."  He did a good job.  My husband let him go in the backyard and almost immediately he had an accident.  I think it might have been because my husband was using the hose outside.  So I didn't make a big deal, I just said, "uh oh, pony doesn't want to get wet.  Lets change."  Jayden said, "pony wet."  We will continue to work on potty training as I know it takes time and this was an early experience with him. 

How do I like the kit?
     I like the underwear, although they are thin for starting out.  They are cute and do fit well around the legs and waist and they look as though they will fit for a while which is good.  They are not absorbent at all, but I like that because he can definitely feel when he is wet and learn from it.  The DVD is a bit strange as I said, but if Jayden will watch and gets anything from it then its worth having for sure. 

     You can purchase the Potty Pony Pal Set for $24.99 with Free Shipping on their website.  You can also find them on Amazon.   Follow Potty Pony Pals on Twitter or "Like" them on Facebook

I was provided the Potty Pony Pals set including the DVD and two pair of underwear to help facilitate my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Well they sure LOOK cute! =) Sounds like an interesting concept... I look forward to hearing how well it works with Jayden as you continue to use it more.

  2. HOW CUTE!!! Jayden looks so proud!! What a cutie!!!