Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     I was recently sent one of the FurReal FurryFrenzies pets.  The Furry Frenzies are cute little pet friends that are always on the go.  These cute little guys are full of energy and love to make little noises to let you know they are having a good time.  FurryFrenzies Pets are battery powered and move around quickly.    You can find a variety of animals represented in the FurryFrenzies. 
     We received Flurry in a Hurry.  She is a cute little white rabbit.  She is full of energy as she races around and makes lots of cute sounds.  You can press her nose just to hear her noises or press her back to see her move around in a hurry.  When she moves she goes forward, backwards, and in circles too.  She will go, stop, and go a different direction.  We use her on the tile in the kitchen area.  Sometimes she will get stuck on a tile crack, but for the most part she goes all over.  She has a harder time moving on the carpet. 

     FLURRY IN A HURRY Certain that she knows best, FLURRY likes to be in charge. Sometimes she hops in over her head, but this clever bunny always finds a way out! What’s adorable, furry and a little ball of energy? This super-cute — and fast-moving — FURRY FRENZIES figure!  Your FLURRY IN A HURRY figure just loves to run wild; scampering, scurrying and spinning all over the place. She even lets you know she’s having fun by making all kinds of funny sounds! And while this free-spirited little bunny is sure to win your heart with all of her cute-as-can-be rushing around, there’s one thing that’s always sure to make her slow down: a chance to cuddle with you

     I have to say I wasn't sure how Jayden would do with it.  I though he might like it for a little bit and get bored.  But I was wrong!  The first night he liked it, but was a little scared.  He loved watching it, but wanted us to press his back as he stood back and watched.  But it didn't take long before he was all over it.  We had story time at the library and he insisted on taking Flurry in a Hurry along for the ride.  He had to show his best friend what he got.  Aidan loved it too.  I was able to convince Jayden that Rabbit needed to nap in the car.  The next morning he came into my room and woke me up.  The first thing he said to me was, "mama where my rabbit, where my rabbit at?"  He took rabbit to the sitters house and she said he played with it all day long.  Since we received our Furry Frenzies Flurry in a Hurry Jayden has played with it everyday.  I would have to say that Jayden LOVES it. 
     I think this is a great toy.  Jayden loves his new "rabbit".  Yes he named it "rabbit."  The only thing that I don't like is there is no off button.  If you press the back for her to go then you have to wait for her to stop moving on her own.  There have been a few times that Jayden will press it as he hands it to me to hold or put away.  I have to lay her somewhere on her back or she will just go, go, go.

     I did a short little video to show how she goes.  The sounds she makes are so cute.  I had a better video, but I could not upload it for some reason.  Jayden kept crawling over her in this, but you can still see her.


Buy it:  You can buy Furry Frenzies online or at a number of retailers.  The online price from Hasbro is $7.99.  Prices elsewhere vary.

I was provided a Furry Frenzies Pet to help in my review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions and thoughts are that of my own.  Disclosure Policy.  Thank you to Hasbro for the review opportunity.

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