Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun~~

On Saturday October 30 we decided to go to Peoria Sports Complex for the Halloween Monster Bash and Balloon Illumination.  We were excited for Jayden's first real Halloween event.  The last couple years he was too young and we didn't do much, just handed out candy.  So we get to the event and decide to go down on the field to see the hot air balloons.

We met John's brother Kenny and my nephew Tanner there.  The boy were so excited to see each other.
(some of you might remember I did 2 costume reviews.. well Jayden wore the boxer and Tanner was more than happy to take spiderman.) 

They had a great time just running around on the baseball field.  So we hung out there and my friend and Jayden's best friend Aidan showed up.

He jumped right in running with the boys.  They just ran back and forth.. the daddies all had to chase them around.  Well there were times that Chantel and I jumped in too.  For the most part they loved just running and being together.

We decided that we were really thirsty.  And of course we brought something for the kids, but not for ourselves.  So we went up to the top level to look around and the kids all wanted balloons.  So we went upstairs and got a drink and balloons.

It was getting late so my friend and her family left.  We started to leave, but Jayden saw something that he was super interested in.

He was scared, but also would not let me go without seeing him.  Finally after all the people had taken pictures with him, he turned and waved to Jayden.  Jayden got really happy and waved back.  He then reached out and gently touched Jayden's arm.  He was super happy.  So we try to leave, but Jayden had to give him a high five.  So we waited a minute and Jayden even wanted a picture with him.  I can't believe how close Jayden was to him.

Now Tanner wanted nothing to do with him at all!

Halloween night Jayden got all ready to go trick or treating.  He would not wear his gloves, but I didn't expect he would.

We just went up and down the street, not too many homes.  He still ended up with a ton of candy.  I think people said oh look how cute and little and gave him extra candy.  UGH!  Some homes he went right to the door, but some we had to carry him up.  He was really good about saying 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' to everyone.  He did get scared at a few homes that had the scary music on.

I learned something about my neighborhood.  Most everyone sat outside and many had parties in the driveway, bbq's.  Some of that might have been left over from the Cardinals football game, since I live in the area of the stadium.

Jayden's favorite part of the night was handing out candy to other children.  He would sit there and say, "I see them, they coming."  He would give candy and say, "here you go, thank you."  So funny.  We ran out of candy quickly.  There were lots of kids in our neighborhood this year.  

Jayden ended the night with a yummy Kit Kat bar from his Halloween bag.  He said he loved Kit Kat bars, but it was his first.


  1. Kit Kats are Quinn's new fave candy too! He calls them "bar candy"... I don't think he is switching the words, I think he just sees them as bars... and candy. Funny, huh?

  2. SO much fun! I just adore the picture of him holding the candy bowl with the huge grin!