Thursday, November 25, 2010

No More Pa??!?!?!

     Ok, so many of you know and if you didn't I am sure you figured it out with so many pictures of Jayden and his "pa" (pacifier) that he still has one.  He loves his Pa!  He has to have like 3 or 10 at a time.  And really that is not an exaggeration.  He loves them.  But he does not love them as much when they get a hole.  He will angrily say.. "Hole Mama!  I need a new Pa."
      Well, on Tuesday I found out that all the pacifiers had holes.  I had been telling him that when this last pacifier gets a hole there are no more.  So he needed to be careful.  When Jayden went to bed he asked for his, "Pa!"  I gave it to him (knowing they all had holes).  He told me, "holes mama!"  I said, "I am sorry but if they have holes then there are no more."  He asked me for "new pa's mama, I need new pa's".  I told him "sorry, but I don't have any more pa's."  He laid down at first and I left the room.  About 5 minutes later I heard him and saw him on the monitor standing up and crying.  So I went into his room to check on him.  He said, "I need my pa mama!"  I apologized again and said, "you can have these, but I have no more new pa's."  He told me, "NO mama!  Have holes!  I want new pa!~"  I continued to tell him I didn't have any new pa's.  He didn't want the old ones in the bed with him.  He said, "no mama, put the ground."  So I put them on the ground next to the crib.  I gave him a hug and a kiss and left the room.  He laid down on his pillow.  I was expecting to go in there again, but he didn't make any more sounds the rest of the night.
     On Wednesday he asked again for the Pa at bed time.  I told him that all the pa's have holes, but he can have them if he wants.  He kind of pushed my arm and said, "just go mama!"  And there were no sounds or cries from his room.
     On Thursday he asked once again to daddy.  So Daddy searched all the pa's. He told daddy, "that have hole.  that one have hole too."  I told John that they all have holes and Jayden has been sleeping for the past couple of nights with no pa's.  (John has been working late so he didn't realize)  So Jayden went to bed again with no pa's.
     Each night and nap he does ask for the pa's and when we go in the car, but when I say they have holes he says, "Oh, no new pa?"  And I say, "that's right there are no new pa's."  I think that we are finally past the pacifier!!  YAY!  I know there is a chance of relapse, but for the most part he is doing way better than I expected.  I was actually expecting a late night visit to Target to get pa's because he would be screaming and crying.  (oh that happened before.. a few months back.  lol)
     Well, so far we are Pa free!  He will ask, "Mama I want my pa."  I tell him "I don't have any pa's."  And he just says, "oh have hole now."  And we move on.  No fuss and no fight!!  YAY!  Of course this means he is growing up and he is definitely not a baby any more.  When his grandma asks him where his pa is he tells her, "I a big boy, pa's are for babies."  Now the girls at work can stop making funny comments.  The often tell me that if Jayden can articulate the reasons why he needs a pa then he does not need a pa... LOL!  Yes it is true.  He used to tell me, "I want my pa."  and when I asked why he needs it he would tell me, "I need it mama, I need it in my mouth now."  Ok so he has good language for a toddler and can articulate and now he is pa free.  Next up, potty training!!  UGG He loves his diapers too much.  Down side to cloth diapers is that he loves them too much.