Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Ok, so I am late, what is new.  Our Christmas day began super early!!  I was getting up every 4 hours to check the turkey (we smoke a turkey and a ham for Christmas and it takes all night and half the day!)  So I had just gotten up around 3 am to add some coal to the smoker.  I felt like I barely fell back to sleep and then I heard him!  Yes Jayden decided to start the day at 4:30 am!  Not because he was excited for Christmas, because I don't think he really understood yet, but because he just decided it was time to wake up.  He refused to go back to sleep and didn't want to go to our bed.  So we went out and began our Christmas surprise.  Jayden walked out to see his beautiful new Step2 kitchen (yes I won it on Serendipity Mommy, Thanks so much to Candace)!
When that wore down some we let him open his stocking and he found lots of great things in there.
Then we let him open up his road carpet and basketball hoop.  

 After some time playing with these great gifts he was ready for a nap.  Jayden slept while I started getting everything ready for family to come over.  Jayden was kind enough to take a nice long 2 hour nap while I started all the cooking.
My mom, stepdad, brother, grandma, and uncle all came over.  We finished getting the meal ready and then I went to get Jayden.  He was waking up just in time to eat.
You might notice how tired I am.  And Yes Jayden has some clothing changes (his pj's got dirty with yogurt and he had to change, but lucky we had back up Christmas PJs ready to go).
Jayden wasn't too hungry.. I think he just wanted presents, oh and to eat his Gingerbread house. LOL!
So on to the gifts.  Funny thing is that Jayden is a lot like his mama and he wanted to just give all the gifts to everyone.  When I handed him a gift he said, "no mama." and put it down.  He wanted to give presents to everyone else first.  Of course this meant that he was left opening a lot of gifts by himself.
Oh yeah, and at some point Jayden decided he was hot so he went shirtless.  We live in AZ so yes we can do that in December!

After opening up all those gifts you have to have some fudge and magic cookie bars...

Then it was time to just sit back and relax on the couch with daddy!

We were so happy to be together for Christmas and to be able to give Jayden a wonderful Christmas (thanks to all the great giveaways I won that added up to great gifts).  I hope that you Christmas or holiday that you celebrate was wonderful.  I wish you all the best in the year to come! 

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