Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Shopping: Educational Toys Planet Space Base Review

        Educational Toys Planet was started in 2002.  The purpose was to provide educational fun toys for children.  Children learn from everything they do, which means that they can learn from every toy.  But the lessons learned from some toys are better than others.  Educational Toys Planet individually pick the toys for their stores based on the learning value.  They have toys that teach from early manipulation for babies to advanced science for older children. 
    You can shop Educational Toys Planet based on your child's age group.  I love that you can just click on the age group and get all the toys that are appropriate for it.  You can all search based on interest area or price range.
     I was sent the Space Base to review.  This control center opens up to reveal a stair case and 2 astronaut figures.  The space base includes a moon buggy and a robot figure.  The space base and the moon buggy have soft wheels.  The space base attaches to the moon buggy to pull it around.  The space base opens up wide enough for Jayden to put his little fingers in to manipulate the astronauts.  The inside looks like a little space station, it even has a control panel.  The moon buggy is cute with a little scoop in the front.  Educational Toys Plant identify the Space Base skills as Pretend Play, imagination, and fine motor.  The Space Base is rated for 18+ months.  The Space Base is found in the Activity Toys for Toddlers category.

     Jayden immediately wanted to start playing with it when he saw it.  He wanted me to sit on the floor with him to play.  He really liked opening the stairs on the space base and making the astronauts walk up and down the stairs.  It was easy to manipulate for him and fun to play with.  Jayden has a great time playing with this toy.  The door that opens up and turns into stairs would come off a few times, but was easily put back and it was safe for little fingers so it would not catch them and pinch.  Overall we like this toy.  It is fun and really helps to add to the imagination.  Jayden is getting more interested in pretend play lately and this helps to enhance that play. 
     Educational Toys Planet has a great selection of toys for children from birth to 10+ years.  They have so many great items I would love to get.  You can get Free Shipping on orders of $75.00 or more.

Buy it:  You can get the Space Base for $21.97 (on sale now)

You can follow Educational Toys Planet on Twitter or fan them on Facebook.  They also have a blog where they have giveaways, so check it out.


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  2. That looks like a great toy. I try to only buy toys that have educational value since the first years are the most critical for learning.

  3. These looks great! I am always on the lookout for good toys that are fun but that the kids can also learn something from. At this age, they are so in to fantasy play, and these would be great!

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