Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread Story Time @ the Library

Last night Jayden and I went to a special story time at our local library.  We attend the ABC read with me story time every Tuesday night.  This was a special Gingerbread Story time on Thursday night.  The librarian read, The Gingerbread Man story.  All the Children were given a Gingerbread Cookie to decorate.  Then we watched the movie of The Gingerbread Man.  Jayden was so excited to participate.  The story was a little long for him, but he sat still until the last 2 pages.  He was super excited when he got his cookie. 

He was given a cookie, some mini M & M's, a Popsicles stick, and a small cup of whipped topping.  He used the stick to spread all the whipped topping on.. and I do mean ALL! 

He then put the M&M's on the cookie.  But instead of eating the cookie right away he picked off the M&M's and ate them first. 

He carried the cookie out to the car and ate it on the way home.  He had a great time and I did too.  I love the great events the library has and they are free.   I know our library has another Gingerbread story time scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  Next week we are excited that there will be a special visitor in a red suit!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I have a great Gingerbread craft that would be fun for you on my blog, The Sweet Holidays!