Monday, December 20, 2010

Husky 13-piece PowerTek Precision Screwdriver set Review

     Looking for a gift or stocking stuffer for a man in your life?  Look no further.  Husky offers an array of tools for  affordable prices.  I was sent the Husky 13-piece PowerTek Precision Screwdriver set to review.  I was immediately intrigued when I first opened it.  It is pretty small and lightweight.  It is not much bigger than a marker.

Some of the features are:

* Easy to Grip, Soft Touch, Forward and Reverse Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set

* Lifetime warranty

* Contains 12 Multiple Use Mini Bits with a Single Tool Design

* Includes Easy Use Bit Storage Case

* Ready to Use with 2 - AAA Batteries

* Ideal for Toys, Electronics, Eyeglasses, Hobbies, Crafts and More

     I put some batteries in and tried it out.  I used it to open the tiny screws to the battery compartment on the Dora Digital camera.   It worked perfect.  It was easy to use forward and backwards.  I really like how simple it is.  It would be a great gift for a man or a woman.  It would be easy to keep in your car or in the house.  I even think that teens would love to have this for projects.  I know when my brother was younger he would put together RC cars and I think this would have been great for him to have and use.

     There are a couple of things that I wish were different.  I like all the bits, but you have to keep them in the case, which means that screwdriver itself has to stay in the case.  I would like to have a little storage area to keep the bits, but that would likely make it bigger.  And John noticed that the bits are all small size.  He was starting to put together some Christmas gifts during nap time and was not able to use it for the larger screws since the bits were all to small.  We would like to have larger bits too.  But I don't know, maybe you could get larger bits to go with it.  I have not checked.

    Husky has lots of great tools available and the great thing is you can get them at Home Depot!  The prices are very affordable.  I love this little screwdriver and I can't wait to use it on all of Jayden's Christmas gifts.

Buy it:   Husky 13-piece PowerTek Precision Screwdriver set $9.88 !!!  (GREAT PRICE)

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I was provided a the Husky 13-piece PowerTek Percision Screwdriver set to help me in my review. I was not compensated in any other way. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you to Husky for the opportunity to review this product.  Disclosure policy 


  1. I love how compact this set is. Perfect gift for any man!

  2. Wow. I wish I had read this review before Christmas! Maybe I'll have to get DH a late Christmas gift. That is an amazing price.

  3. I so need this! I hate having to look for other screwdrivers when I need a different size, and this would be perfect. Plus, it is a great price!

  4. Great post! This is wonderful news for me because I will give a gift for my hubby on this new year. I really need this one, That is an amazing price.
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  5. Good review. I like Husky 13-piece PowerTek Precision Screwdriver set. this is just awesome, Very well written ! Thanks for taking us there ...with your words !