Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea: Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera Review

    Do you have a tech crazy child?  I do!  Jayden loves anything that has buttons to push.  He loves my camera the most.  I have to hide it from him all the time and when I take a picture of him lately he is usually running to me to take the camera.  So I was excited to try the Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera.  Yes I know its pink , but Jayden doesn't care.
A little about the camera:
*  Says 3 different phrases
*  Uses 3AAA Batteries
*  Write your own story and illustrate with fun stickers and frames
*  Organize your photos
*  Creative Park and Fun Games
Works with:
*  Windows XP or Vista
* Macintosh with Intel Processor running Mac OS X v10.4.6 or later
* Sound Card

     I opened the camera and Jayden immediately wanted to try it out.  He took all the pictures it would allow in minutes.  He just kept clicking the button.  We uploaded those images and then tried it again outside.  The camera itself is small and very lightweight.  The hardest thing Jayden had with the camera is the lens is so close to the edge of the camera so his fingers kept covering the lens.  Jayden really liked this camera, although he kept trying to see the pictures after each click like he can on my camera.  There is not view window to preview your pictures, but it shows how many pictures you have left as a display.  You have to upload the pictures to the computer to see them.  Jayden liked seeing them on the computer.
      I like that it was easy to use and kept Jayden's attention for a little while.  Some of the things I didn't like is that the lens was too close to the edge so his fingers kept getting in the way, there was no room to hold the camera.  I wish it had a flash and it would be great to have a view window.  The battery compartment has one of those really tiny screws to open it.  I had no problem since I had just received the Husky PowerTek Precision Screwdriver to review the same day.  And of course it would be nice to have a choice to get a Diego camera for the little guy instead of pink Dora.

Pictures taken inside :

Cozy Coupe

Yo Gabba Gabba on TV
I took the one of Jayden, but he didn't want to give up his camera.

 These were all taken outside:
daddy's car 
 a flower
 some plants
 And I took the last one

     The camera doesn't have great definition.  It works much better outside since it does not have a flash.  The pictures that were taken by me or with some of my help turned out better because Jayden will click the button and move the camera at the same time.  Some of the pictures came out pretty good.  Overall I think this is a fun camera for a little one that likes to take pictures.  Of course it is for 4 years and up, and Jayden is only 2 1/2 years old.  So he has some time to grow into it.  I really do think a little 4 or 5 year old girl would LOVE to get this.  I know that little girls like to take pictures and all 4 and 5 year old girls I know love Dora!

BUY IT:  Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera $29.99 Amazon,  $19.99 Kmart, $24.99 Toys R Us

I was provided the Dora Talking Digital Camera to help in my review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by anyone. Thank you to  Sakar International for the review product.  Disclosure policy 


  1. This is a great review. I like all the pictures you posted. Some of them are pretty good, but I think a 4yr old is more excited about having a camera than anything else. I know a few little girls who would love to own this.

  2. I love this. Thank you for posting the picture, its good to see how they turned out. Cameras are so fun and exciting, and since Dora is such a favorite, I think this would be perfect! Thanks for this wonderful review!

  3. This is really cute I love Dora the Explorer I think I'll be getting my niece this camera for her next xmas when she's 4 years old