Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba There Was a Party in My City!!

OK so the Yo Gabba Gabba Party was 2 weeks ago and I have not had a chance to post the pictures.  Hopefully I will get caught up since I am off work for 2 weeks!  YAY!
     Anyway I wanted to share about Jayden's first concert experience.  It was so much fun.  Jayden was very excited going, he of course really didn't know what was going on, but both he and my nephew Tanner were super excited when we got there and they saw the big truck with Yo Gabba Gabba on the side.

 We went in and found out seats.  They were pretty good seats in row 23.
The show started with DJ Lance on the big screen and then he jumped out to join us live.  He then sang to wake up he whole gabba gang.  Jayden was a little shy and didn't really know what to think at first.  But he was very excited when he started seeing everyone.  My nephew just sat and stared at the stage.  It was a little loud at first and that kind of scared Jayden.

When the Super Music Friends show came on it was a band I had not heard of.  They played really loud so John took Jayden to the back.

Jayden didn't want to leave, but he was scared of how loud it was.  He stayed back there during their whole part.  I went back to check on them and he was ready to come back to the seats when the band was over.

   Tanner just sat and watched.  He was not too sure what to think.  Jayden began enjoying the show more as it went on.

 Some of his favorite parts were when Brobee was floating in the air...

the balloons falling from the ceiling

Jayden was so super excited when Toodee came down the asile by us.  It became even more real when he could almost touch her.  When you ask him today who he saw at Yo Gabba Gabba the first thing he says is, "I saw Toodee!'

the dancy dance,
bubbles song,

and of course Biz's beat with Biz Markey.  We were very excited to see that he was there and he even sat down on the stage and let some kids come up and rap with him.

It was so cute and everytime a child did the beat that Biz taught them Jayden would say, "He (she) did it!"

When it was over Jayden didn't want to go.

He had a great time.

He took his balloon and was so happy.  In fact he still has his Gabba Balloons and plays with them daily (2 weeks later!).

And on the way out they had snacks for everyone.. some yummy Grammy Sammy's and some mish mash!

I can't thank Yo Gabba Gabba and the PR company enought for the opportunity to attend this fun live event.  It will be in our memories for years.


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