Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going Green for 2011 Event starts tomorrow... get your Giveaway extra entries now.


     I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the official start date for the Going Green for 2011!!  Make sure you get all the extra entries.  See this post here for details.  For every extra entry you do you will get an extra entry into each of the giveaways that I host. 
     I also want to remind everyone that little Emily could use your help!  To read more about Emily and her condition you can check my previous post and the website link within it.  Thank you to everyone that has donated.. it is definitely going to a good cause and not a penny goes unnoticed.  Shannon and her family are so grateful and feel blessed to have all these wonderful mama's chipping in to help her family.  If you have not donated yet then please take a moment to help.  The chip~in account below is connected to Shannon's paypal and all the money goes straight to her.  Even a dollar or two helps out.  And prayers are a must!  PLEASE, PLEASE pray for little Emily!

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