Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going Green for 2011 ~ Green Gift Giving

    When you give gifts to others are you "green"?  There are so many ways to be "green" in gift giving.  It can be as easy as recycling those gift bags.  My mom and I have done this for years.  I think we have transferred gift bags back and forth many years.  This cuts back on purchasing more bags and cuts down on bags in the landfill.  I know its just a bag or two, but that bag or two add up quickly and if everyone were to do this then lots can be saved.  Not to mention that it saves money too! 
     What are some other ways to go green when giving gifts.  Why not use the newspaper to wrap gifts?  When I was little my grandma and grandpa used to wrap my gifts in the Sunday comics.  I used to love this.  My grandfather had to get his daily paper, but before just throwing them out my grandmother would pull out the comics and use them to wrap gifts.  They were so cute and fun to get.  She cut down on wrapping paper and again saved money. 
     One last idea I have for green gift giving is reusable bags.  I love to use reusable bags when I go grocery shopping for many reasons.  I hate the build up of those plastic bags, those bags are not recyclable, they hold more, and many stores will pay you to bring your own bags.  What a great way to give a gift in a bag that they can use.  I love to find cute reusable bags to put gifts in.  You can find some really cute print bags.  You can even find them at the dollar store!  Even a store reusable bag works.  I would love it either way.  If I can't find a reusable bag that I like then I check the dollar store for any kind of tote bag.  Little girls love to get purse like bags with gifts in them.  We recently went to a birthday party for a friends little girl.  At the store John didn't think the little girl would like the reusable bag I found to put the gift in, but he was wrong.  It was almost too funny that the bag was one of her favorite gifts.  She put all her gifts in the bag and carried it around.  It was really cute. 
     So before you go buying new gift bags or more wrapping paper for Valentine's day or that birthday party your going to think about ways you can go green.  Do you have some old gift bags that can be used?  Newspaper to wrap with?  Or a recyclable bag to put it in?  
     I would love to hear what you do to be green when giving gifts.  Please leave me some comments with your ideas. 

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  1. My husband actually just told me a story a few days ago... He grew up with not so much money and when Christmas came around and they would wrap gifts they would use newspaper. It was "normal" to him. They didn't have money to buy wrapping paper. His dad would purposely save the newspapers for this very occasion. Then they would wrap the men's gifts with the sports section, womens with the shopping ads and the talkative aunt with the social pages! I thought that was such a neat idea!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog