Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Green For 2011: Itty Bitty Bums Review

     I have already brought up cloth diapering as a way to go green.  The next step from diapering is potty training.  Some of you know that I have started and tried to get Jayden interested in potty training.  So far no luck on my part.  He just doesn't want to do it.  He is definately capable, but does not want to.  Anyway, when potty training you want to use training pants instead of diapers when possible.  Diapers encourage the same old thing.  Potty training pants encourage a change.  I don't want to go to disposable pull up "diapers" for Jayden's potty training process.  At the same time the underwear you find at the stores are all so thin and he just leaks to a puddle when he has an accident.  That is why I love training pants that have a little absorbancy to slow the leaking.  And while broswing facebook one day I came across Itty Bitty Bums and immediately fell in love with her training pants.  And as luck would have it she was looking for someone to review her training pants.  So of course I jumped at that chance.  And to make it better she has some of the cutiest prints ever. 

From Stefanie:
Hi- I'm Stefanie and I am a SAHM of 9 children. I enjoy doing natural things for my family including avoiding processed foods , harsh cleaning products and for my baby that means no disposable diapers , and no lotions or soaps laden with chemicals. You don't have to be radical about these things- just some simple changes to the way you think about things can make your life and your children's lives a little better. It doesn't have to take a lot of time. I was a working mother with 7 kids so I know the challenges that we all face as mothers. I hope you enjoy my products as I have enjoyed creating them and hope they can enhance your lifestyle as they have mine!

     Stefanie made me Jayden the cutest training pants ever.  She had just gotten in some very cute ooga booga prints and said she would make something from it.  I swear they are the cutes and softest training pants ever.  The training pants are made from a combination of minky and knit.  They are not fully waterproof, but they absorb well to catch the minor accidents and cut down on the full on puddles.  The training pants fit Jayden well.  With a little help he can pull them up and down.  These trainers do help to keep the leaks to a minimum and make smaller puddles when Jayden just lets go.  I definitely love these and would love to get more.

     And I was so lucky that in the process of making these I won a Diaper Cover from Itty Bitty Bums on their facebook page.  I was in such a need for a new cover.  I picked the minky blue camo print.  I was immediately impressed and excited about this cover.  The minky is so soft!  The print color is so nice and vibrant.  The cover fit perfectly.  Fitteds with a cover are my nighttime solution.  I don't often use fitteds during the day.  First I only have a few and second it is just so much work to put on a diaper and a cover, there is no way hubby or the sitter would want to do that.  When Jayden was really little he was and still can be a super soaker at night.  I had the hardest time until I discovered fitted diapers, extra soaker, and a good cover.  Now that is all I will put on him for night sleep.  I was very pleased with the itty bitty bum cover.  I used it over a goodmama, some kissaluvs and an ES baby diaper.  It works great for all of them.  The cover is trim and does not add any bulk to the already bulky diaper.  The snaps work great and there is room for Jayden to grow.
     Stefanie is very sweet and easy to work with.  She is happy to work with you on sizing if you need it and she will help to get the perfect prints too.  The prices at Itty Bitty Bums are so reasonable.  I have not tried the diapers yet, but they all look so adorable.  I would love to get a diaper too. 

Buy it:  Diaper Covers $15 and Trainers $7

Check out Itty Bitty Bums Facebook page (like and tell her I sent you, she is planning a giveaway for fans and you don't want to miss out.)

I was provided the training pants for the purpose of the review.  The diaper cover was received from a win.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone or anything.  Disclosure Policy.

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