Sunday, January 16, 2011

Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD Review

     I enjoy doing yoga, I used to do Yoga at my gym before having Jayden.  I find it more difficult to participate after having a child.  I wanted to get back into fitness and include Jayden.  I want Jayden to grow up with a healthy lifestyle.  I saw the Playful Planet's Storyland Yoga on another blog and was immediately interested. I fanned them on facebook and they were so kind to offer to allow me to do a review here.

     Playful Planet's Storyland Yoga is a playful kid’s yoga DVD that engages children’s imaginations through storytelling. Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor Ahmed Fahmy takes little yogis on two fun-filled adventures, Save the Whale and Condor Trek, in which they learn yoga poses by imitating animals and gain interest in the planet by helping endangered species.

     In a world filled with headlines of global warming, diminishing forests, and childhood obesity, Playful Planet’s interactive, educational products are about being part of a solution rather than focusing on the problem. We believe the solution can be found within our greatest resource – our children. 

          I was very excited to get this dvd and try it out with Jayden.  I first put it in and told him I wanted to show him something.  He sat down very interested.  I love that it is done in a story.  We watched Condor Trek first.  Jayden sat on the floor in front of the tv.  He was so interested in what Ahmed Fahmy had to say in the dvd that he would forget to follow along in the motions.  He was so cute when he would so some of the poses.  He would try to bend and move around.  He kept telling me, you do it mama.  He really wanted us to do it together.  I had fun doing it too.  The poses are easy to follow and with the story telling they make sense for kids.  This is something that Jayden and I will be doing together on a regular basis for sure.  It may not be as much of a workout as the other Yoga DVD's I have, but this one helps to bring Jayden and I together and do something fun. 
     The video above shows some clips from both stories on the DVD. The instructor has fun with make believe play and adds yoga poses into the story. This DVD is for children ages 3-8. Jayden is able to follow along and participate in most of it at 2 1/2. I think as he watches more and gets older he will understand more of what he is doing. But until then he is having fun. I would recommend this DVD to anyone that wants to introduce Yoga and healthy living to their young child.  It would even be good for someone that wants to keep television watching to educational or beneficial only. 

You can purchase the Playful Planet's Storyland Yoga DVD for $14.99 on Amazon.

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I was sent the Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD to help in my review. I was not compensated in any other way. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Thank you to Playful Planet for the chance to try this product. Disclosure policy

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