Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ I be nice the kitty cat!

OK so not so wordless.. this takes a little explaining.  It was a little too quiet as I made dinner so I looked in the living room and No Jayden.  When he didn't answer when I called I just knew where to find him, so yes I gabbed the camera!  He had climbed up on our California King size bed and was holding the cat on his chest.  He told me, "I be nice the kitty cat."  Somehow I don't think she thought it was nice, but Jayden has be come OBSESSED with the cat lately.  She has been really good and has never even scratched him even when he is down right mean! 


  1. Too cute! Our 2 yo grandson loves our kitties and is learning to speak and touch softly so they'll let him play with them. One of them has been really nice and lets him lug it all over the house :)