Friday, March 18, 2011

Potty Training Continues...

This week is spring break for the classrooms I work in, so I thought I would take a couple of days off.  I took yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday) off.  I thought that since John had to work that I would try again with potty training.  So Wednesday Night we took Jayden to Walmart to pick out some new underwear (yes we have lots, but I was given the idea to let him get excited by picking some out).  And to no ones surprise he picked out another package of Yo Gabba Gabba underwear (yes we now own 9 pair of Yo Gabba Gabba underwear). 

So I hyped it up and told Jayden that we were going to stay home together and he would get to wear his new Yo Gabba Gabba underwear and use the potty like a big boy.  I also had purchase a bag of M & M's, Jayden's favorite.  Because I am not above bribery... LOL!  Jayden went to bed excited and telling me he's a big boy and he's going to use the potty. 

Thursday morning we wake up and I let him pick out which underwear he wants to wear.  I remind him to tell me when he needs to go pee pee.  I continued to remind him to tell me through the morning.  At one point he went to hide in the pantry and when he came out he tells me he has to go pee pee.  He had already gone pee pee and poo too!  So I cleaned him up.  We talked a little more about telling me before he goes. 

I gave him a big straw cup of juice.  I continued to ask him every so often if he needed to go.  He would always say, "no."  I said OK, just let mommy know when you need to go.  He would always say, "OK".  Just before nap he had not gone again since early morning so I told him lets go try before laying down.  He sat on the potty for awhile and nothing happened at first.  Then he went a tiny bit and that made him jump up and cry.  I told him its OK and hugged him back on the potty.  He told me, "no mommy I need something to wear."  He kept repeating this to me and crying.  So I thought I would try something, I put on his underwear and let him sit back on the potty.  I told him, its ok you can go pee pee now.  Almost immediately he went pee.  We were both excited and we did an "I went Pee pee on the Potty dance."  And Jayden did not forget the M & M's as he asked for some immediately following. 

He went down for nap and woke up dry.  When he woke up he asked to go potty.  We sat in the bathroom, but nothing happened.  Since he didn't go and I really needed to run an errand I put on his bumbledoo bumble pants. 

Later he told me he had to go pee so we run to the bathroom, he sits and pee's just a tiny drop and cries.  He jumps up and tells me again, "I need something to wear mama."  So we put on his underwear again.  He sits down, but still nothing.  Jayden sees the water spray bottle on the counter and asks for it.  I grab it and let him spray it.  I then take it ans spray his leg just a little.  That helped because he immediately let go and pee'd.  Then we did our little dance and decided to have ice cream cones to celebrate. 

Today Jayden woke up and we put on his underwear to start day #2!  Again when I am asking Jayden if he needs to go, he says, "no." and I tell him to let me know when he needs to go.  I take him a few times to try and nothing.  He told me a couple times and nothing.  My parents come over to get somethings and Jayden still has not gone.  I am a little worried about him holding it so long.  Finally he tells me while we are in the garage that he needs to go.  I run him inside take off the underwear and he sits down, says come on pee pee and there it goes.  We were both excited and this time we did our dance and then he went outside to dance for grandma and grandpa too!  Jayden was able to get some more M & M's.  I let him stay up a little bit longer before nap (he was already really late).

When Jayden wakes from nap he and his bed are soaked.  Since he held so much for so long he had to go more.  Lucky he slept his nap first.  We clean up and put on new underwear.  The rest of the evening I take him to the potty multiple times and most are times he says he has to go, but he does not go again.  I finally have to put him to bed for the night with an extra soaker in his diaper for the evening. 

I am worried that he holds it for so long.  I was worried that he would only go with underwear on Thursday, but he did go without today.  We will continue all weekend to see how it goes.  I know he can do it.  Any ideas?  Advice?  Wish us lots of luck.  I will let you all know how the weekend ends. 

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  1. He will get the hang of it! Its totally normal for them to hold it for a long time. Just keep encouraging him and it will happen. My 3 year old just finished training and it was pooping that took a long time for her to quit doing in her pull up at night. Good luck!!