Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby! How we met

John and I met through a friend.  My good friend Denise wanted us to meet way before because she thought we would be good together, but she heard he had gotten back with his ex girlfriend.  I kind of briefly met (more like saw and was told that is John) out at a bar one night.  Then a few weeks later my friend called me to go up to Dos Gringos, a mexican restaurant/bar.  I had just gotten off work (I was bartending at night for my second job) and was tired, but she convinced me to go.  About an hour after I had gotten there John came in with 2 of his friends that I already knew.  I asked him where his girlfriend was and he said he didn't have a girlfriend (they had not gotten back together).  He had a few drinks in him so he wasn't so shy.  I gave him my number that night.  Later that night he called to be sure I had gotten home safe, but I was already asleep.  I did not hear from him after that.
About a week or two later my friend and I went to his friends condo to swim in his pool and John was there!  I was excited to see him, but also shocked that his teenage daughter was there.. little weird.  We all talked about going to Mexico as a fun trip in the next month.
A few weeks later my friend and I were talking about our plans to take a trip.  I had not received any calls from John.  So she called the number on my phone (he had not given me his number).  She left him a message and he called back later.  We talked some.  That weekend he called me again and asked me to meet him at Axis Radius (a Scottsdale night club) for his brothers birthday.  I had just gotten off work again, but decided to go.  We continued to talk almost daily and then we just became a couple.  We have been married for 4 years today together for 6 years total.  We were married on the date that I decided was our official anniversary.  It was the day that we were officially dating only each other.  Although I was not seeing anyone else at any point of our relationship.  John had dated a girl, but nothing serious and ended it when we got together. 
Although John is 8 years older than I am, I do believe that he is who I am meant to be with.  He is the love of my life.  Marriage isn't always easy, but it is worth the work to be with my honey.  And now we have a beautiful little boy that is definitely a big part of both of our hearts.  I couldn't imagine my life without out John in it. 

Happy Anniversary!!  I love you so much honey~
This is John and I at John's brothers wedding almost a year after we were married.  I was VERY pregnant with Jayden at this time.

This was taken at Jessica's wedding rehearsal.

This was taken at Jessica's wedding.  Wish Jayden would have been in it with us, but he fell asleep. (too much dancing)

The three of us~


  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys look so happy together. Wishing you many, many more happy years together!