Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potty Training updates

     It has been a bit since I have given an update on Jayden's potty training.  I am happy to say that he is doing really well.  He tells me when he needs to go pee.  At the sitters house he was not always telling her, but she would just take him regularly.  He is doing better at telling her too.  For the most part there are little to no pee accidents all day long. 
     Now poop has been a little harder.  He will go hide in my kitchen pantry or his bedroom when he needs to poop at home and he would also hide at the sitters house in the playroom when he needed to go.  The other night (Sunday) Jayden and I were playing catch in the living room (yes we play ball inside) and I noticed something.  Jayden stopped and made a little face.  I asked him if he was pooping and he said no.  I asked him again and he told me, "I don't want to tell you."  So I immediately reassured him as we went to the bathroom.  He happened to be wearing some superundies so lucky it unsnapped on the sides.  I took them off and there was nothing in them.  Jayden sat and immediately had poop, don't think he went after sitting.  We were both so excited.  I told him he was such a big boy and all the great praise. 
     The next day Jayden went to the sitters and I told her about his close call for pooping in the potty.  At the end of the day at pick up I was informed that Jayden had NO accidents all day, not even at nap.  Jayden had his same underwear on from the morning.  And the most exciting news was that he went poo poo on the potty.  The sitter noticed that look and encouraged him to try.  He was a little resistant, but she didn't give up.  When she got him on the potty chair she decided to step in the next room.  She thought that since he always hides maybe he wants to be alone.  So she kept close and would ask him if he was ready several times.  He kept saying no not yet.  She said it must have been close to 10 minutes and then he said he was done.  He had sat on the potty and went poop!!  YAY!  He was so excited to tell me his good news!
     I know that he will continue to work at this, but I feel like we are over another hump.  He has experienced going poop on a potty and it was not a negative experience. 
     Jayden wears regular underwear almost everywhere.  On occasion when we are going somewhere that I am concerned that he might not take the time to go potty then I will put on some waterproof underwear.  This weekend we went to Castles & Coasters (video games and rides) and I was concerned that he might not want to tear himself away from the games.  But I was able to take him there twice.  I think I over take him to the bathroom when we are out in public, but he goes at least a little every time.  But being in public is a little more difficult as Jayden is afraid of the toilet flushes.  I have to wait to flush until he is way out of the stall.  I have figured out with automatic flush toilets to drape some toilet paper over the sensor so it won't flush early. 
     I am still putting diapers on Jayden at night.  Some mornings he wakes up dry and some mornings he's wet.  I will work on overnight soon.  We need to change his crib into the bed so he can get out and go if he needs to first.  I am very happy with Jayden's progress in potty training.  He is even working on pulling down his own pants and he has to take everything off when he goes. 


  1. Sounds like great progress! My daughter figured out the poop part really early (like 18 months!) but 7 months later, we're still working on the pee. I think it's more due to my laziness than anything else.
    I do not love running to the potty all the time... :-P

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  2. Ugh Potty training is so stressful! I always wished they had a potty training boot camp or something you could send the kids to! LOL!!!! Anyways Jayden should be so proud of himself! I think once they figure out it's not so bad pooping in a toilet (nor scary) they are happy to do it!! So yay to being potty trained!!! Congrats momma!

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  3. My own Princess was 1 month shy of 3 when she started regularly going on the toilet. It was a couple months after turning 3 that she could go all night without having an accident. I realized that when she was ready she would do it. (What is funny, is I bought her the potty chair before the age of 2.)

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    Long Wait For Isabella

  4. Hang in there! They all get potty trained sooner or later! Mine took a bit long but he managed it. :)
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