Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review: The Medium Next Door by Maureen Hancock

I love to read.  I don't always get much chance, but I am a big reader when I can.  When I was pregnant I read probably around 12-15 books on pregnancy, babies, and breastfeeding.  Now since Jayden I am lucky to read 1 or 2 books a year.  So that means when I read I want it to be worth it.  I was very interested when I was asked to review the new book The Medium Next Door by Maureen Hancock.  I am very interested in mediums and yes I believe that there are people that can communicate with the dead. 

The Medium Next Door tells the adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.  Maureen Hancock first realized she had such a great gift as a child.  She had lead poisoning and was in a coma.  After being in and out of the hospital at age 5 she began seeing spirits roaming around her house.  You many have watched the hit show, Ghost Whisperer, on ABC.  The show Ghost Whisperer is lightly based on the life of Maureen Hancock. 

Maureen is a wife and  mom to two young boys.  Family is most important to her.  When she is not with her family she helps police and investigators solve crimes.  She works a lot with missing persons cases.  Maureen also helps families that have lost children in their life.  She helps these families to connect and to have closure and peace after their loss. 

In addition to all this Maureen is the co-founder of two charities.  "Seeds of Hope" is a foundation that provides hope for those that suffer from debilitating and terminal illnesses.  The support includes holistic healing, ways to cope with the impending death, and support for parents that have lost a child.  The second Charity is "Mission for the Missing" co-founded with a detective they offer help for families that have a missing child or family member.  They facilitate large scale searches and incorporate the help from many.  In this charity they also have scholarships for dogs to be trained and for search equipment.

The book, The Medium Next Door, really incorporates everything that has happened in Maureen's life.  It is a memoir of sorts.  At the end of each chapter Maureen offers some insights as well as practical exercises for readers to consider about dreams, intuition, grieving, and other introspection.  For Maureen it is important to use her gift to help others. 

What did I think of this book?  Well, I will admit that I have not finished the book yet, but I am dying to read more.  It really is easy to read and super interesting.  The book is written in the first person so it is Maureen telling her own story about growing up, when she found out about her gift, some of the tragedies in her life, the triumphs, and everything in between.  I would definitely recommend this book.  If you are interested in mediums, true life stories, or you love the show Ghost Whisperer then this book is for you.  Even if your just slightly curious then you should get this book.  It is really easy to read and follow.  I have had to start and stop so many times with Jayden, but I don't feel lost.  It is a book that has really captured my interest and leaves me wanting to read more. 

The Medium Next Door has just been released and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I was provided the above mentioned book for review purposes.  I was not compensated in anyway for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  Disclosure Policy

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