Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Post: How to Create an Arizona-Themed Child’s Room

Helping your child plan his or her room can certainly be an adventure, no matter how old your child is, and when you have a little one with a big plan, you have even more to do. One concept that is becoming very popular right now is an Arizona-themed child’s room. The Southwest has long been an option in décor for homes throughout the country, but recently it has made its way into children’s rooms as well.

An Arizona theme can also follow your child into his teens any maybe even beyond. By choosing something that is not linked to his current stage in life, you increase the longevity of the entire design and actually save money in the end by not having to remodel constantly. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect Arizona-themed room for your child:

• Opt for a peel and stick mural to really give the room character and provide a focal point in the space. For a younger child, look for native animal themes like horses, lizards, or even Kokopelli figures. If it’s peel and stick, then you get points for having this incredible mural on the wall without actually having to do much to get it. Many brands of these peel and stick murals are even easy to remove, which means that when you do decide that it’s time for a remodel, you can get it off of the wall.

• Look for Southwest-style bed coverings to really amp up your child’s space. While you may not want to spend a lot of money on decorations, every child has got to have bedding. This is one area where you could buy more cartoonish designs at a younger age and swap them out for more abstract Southwest patterns once they are older, since your son or daughter will likely outgrow their bed and bedding as he or she ages.

• While Arizona themes can bring about the desire for dark colors, try to talk your child into lighter colors for the wall simply because dark colors take numerous coats of paint to look good and are equally difficult to cover back up when you want to remodel the room. Good Southwest colors include beiges, auburns, light blues, and oranges. Any color fit for a sunset would be fit for an Arizona-themed room!

An Arizona-themed bedroom is perfect for any child who loves to play cowboys or cowgirls, and there are even at least two movies that can help add to the décor. Cars and Toy Story both have links to the Southwest, so look to those themes if you are questioning what kind of decorations to use.

Guest article by Robin Thering, who writes about the best baby nurseries and nursery decor at

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