Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yummy Food and The Toy Guy

So yesterday I was invited to meet Chris Bryne "The Toy Guy".  I was invited along with 5 other Arizona bloggers.  I think I was the only one that works away from home so I had to ask for time off work.  We went to eat at a somewhat new place called Seasons 52.  The food was sooo good.  Look at this:

I got the fish taco's and they were YUMMY!

We talked about our blogs, our kids, toys, and more.  It was fun getting to know some other bloggers in person and it was great meeting Chris. 

The bloggers that I met and had this lunch were: Janice from Celebrating Family, Rosemary from I Love Rosemary Watson, Jess from the flowers, Sara from Saving for Someday,   and Wendy from Around my Family Table.

We were having a good time talking and then the waiter brought this:

And I picked this one:

YUM!  peanut butter and chocolate are ALWAYS a good idea. 

Before we left we were given a bag of goodies.  Look what I got!

Chris shared that these fyrflyz are the new big toy that kids will love.  They look so cool.  A little advanced for Jayden at this time, but we can hold on to them for when he is ready. 

And I completely forgot to get a picture with Chris!!  UGGG!  I can't believe I forgot.. but nothing I can do now.  Oh well! I had a great time!  If you don't know who "the toy guy" is then check him out and all his great reviews of toys:

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