Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach Trip

How did you spend your Holiday weekend??  We went to the beach.  We got good news that John would have a few days off work and I already take Jayden's birthday week off work to spend with him so the timing was perfect.  We decided to make it a quick trip to California and the beach.  Jayden has been talking about the beach since Caillou went to the beach with his family.  I think sometimes that Jayden thinks he is Caillou... LOL!  Its funny, but true. 

Anyway we decided to pack up the car and drive to California.  Yes I said drive with a toddler for a 6+ hour trip.  I made sure and packed a bag of just items for Jayden to do in the car.  We took his Mobigo and I got him a storage card and added lots of new games to it.  I also brought the portable DVD player and some movies, coloring book and crayons, and I gave him his Vreader early (its a birthday gift).  We left early in the morning so Jayden was active at first, but as we got into California he fell asleep and took a nap. 

John had gotten the hotel through  It was a super nice hotel, but  had some drawbacks for sure.  It was not super close to the beach for one and it was more of a business resort.  The biggest thing we didn't like about the hotel was the $28 a day valet parking fee that was required since the whole hotel was valet.  We could not par ourselves if we wanted to.  Neither John or I are much of Valet people, we both like to come and go as we wish without having to ask for our car. 

The first day we got there was Saturday afternoon.  We got up to our room and settled our items.  Jayden had not stayed in a hotel since he was 7 months old so he was not too sure what was going on.  He was excited to look out the window and run around the room.  He was most excited because the room had 3 phones.  Yes 3 phones!!  A cord phone on the desk, a cordless on the nightstand, and a third one in the bathroom.  We had to chase him off the phone because he wanted to call everyone he knew and didn't know.  We decided to go visit one of the nearby beaches that afternoon.  As we prepared to go we ran into a small issue.  Jayden was playing with the bathroom door and accidentally locked the door and closed it.  No one was in the bathroom and it was locked.  It was not easy to unlock so we had to call for help.  But the maintenance person was nice and he got the door open. 

We finally got out and made it to the beach!  YAY!  We ended up going to Del Mar Beach.  It was a beautiful day.  We had to park and walk far, but it was worth it.  Jayden LOVED playing in the water and feeling the waves hit his legs.  He also played in the sand with daddy. 

The next morning we went to meet John's older brother Ron for breakfast.  He lives not far from where we stayed so he suggested Ruby's Diner at Huntington Beach Pier.  It was sooo very windy and cold.  Jayden and I cuddled under Ron's jacket (I forgot ours in the room) as we walked the pier.  It was so nice to see Ron and catch up. 

For the afternoon we walked around the Huntington beach (after getting a nap and warmer clothes). We came upon a group of drummers and watched as they all played. It was more of a random assortment of people that were playing drums, tambourines, and such. It was fun to watch them and hear the music.

It got really cold so we decided to leave and find something else to do.  We ended up at downtown Disney.  We just went and walked around.  Jayden LOVED the tram or the "Hayride" as he called it.  He says that was his favorite part. 
The second night Jayden didn't want to sleep in the bed with John and I.  There was a chaise lounger that we made up for him to sleep on, but he wouldn't sleep there either.  Instead he opted to sleep on the floor with monkey.

The next morning we got up and decided to try Huntington Beach again.  We had breakfast, watched the Memorial Day Event, and went on the beach.  We didn't get to spend as much time on the beach as we wanted as Jayden got cranky, tired, and cold.  So we decided to start on our way home.  Jayden slept for the first couple hours or more in the car. 

After getting home we were a little sad that we didn't get to spend a little more time on the beach.  Too bad Sunday was so windy and cold and limited our beach time.  But it was great to get away.  This was Jayden's first visit to the beach and he loved it. 

I would love to hear what you did for the holiday weekend or about your last beach trip.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. It has been a while since I went to the beach. I can't wait to go again soon though.

  2. looks like you guys had lots of fun! I just got my kids mobigos and they love them! Perfect for car rides!