Monday, June 6, 2011

For the Boys!! The Cupcake Tower Review

     A birthday party is never complete without a cake.  In thinking about what to do for Jayden's birthday party this year.  I knew that I wanted to do cupcakes.  But with cupcakes at a party you have to have some way to arrange or display them.  So I began my search for the perfect cupcake tower/display.  I am very excited to share The Cupcake Tower with you. 

     The Cupcake Tower began in 2009 when two sisters were looking to share a beautiful cupcake display that is worthy of most people’s celebrations.  The Cupcake Tower comes in round or square with 4 sizes to choose from. 

Some of the features are:
  • thin laminate coating similar to a counter top so that it wipes clean easily
  • handcrafted from durable, sustainable materials (specifically mdf)
  • folds flat for easy storage
  • custom matched ribbon (lots to choose from)
  • ribbon is not glued on, easy to remove and change
  • 10% of all proceeds go to charity
     I was sent the small cupcake tower to review during Jayden's birthday party.  When I received the cupcake tower I immediately noticed the quality.  It was perfect with no flaws.  It was also very sturdy.  Another thing I realized is that for a size small it really does hold lots of cupcakes, 72 to be exact.  The small cupcake tower has three layers (10”, 14” and 18”).  There is 5" between the layers and 2" under the bottom.  The small cupcake tower stands 13 1/2" high when put all together.  

     Of course I didn't really need to make 72 cupcakes for Jayden's party.  Can you imagine that many people in my house! YIKES!  But I was actually given a giant cupcake pan and wanted to incorporate that into the tower too.  So I went with just the bottom and middle layers.  The top would hold the giant cupcake and the bottom would hold the regular size cupcakes.  Since the party was Caillou themed Jayden and I made cupcake flags of Caillou and I was able to get some Caillou figures to add to it.  What do you think??  We were able to add the flags to each cupcake and not worry about them fitting.  There is plenty of space betweetn layers. 

     I think it turned out great and the tower really made it so much more special.  I actually love this tower.  I love that it is so sturdy and made well.  I like that it can change as you see that I made some adjustments by leaving off the top layer.  It can change based on the ribbon you put on and the ribbon does not attach to the tower with any adhesive.  The ribbon is sent in the size you need already to add.  All you have to do is stretch it around the layer and its a perfect fit.  Some other cupcake towers out there are made with metal, used 1 way, and not easy to store.  The cupcake tower is so versatile and beautiful.  I used this tower for Jayden's birthday, but it can easily be used for a wedding or any elegant party.  I will definitely be using this tower for years to come. 

     Another 'big' thing in the cake world, is there such a thing?  Anyway, I am talking about cake pops.  Have you seen these?  They so cute, but also hard to display.  But The Cupcake Tower has the perfect solution with The Cake Pop Tower.  And what is even better the cake pop tower can be turned over and used for cupcakes too!  So really you get 2 towers in one. 

     The bottom line is that I love the cupcake tower!  This is a great item and considering how long and for how many occasions the tower can be used it is worth the price for sure!  You should definitely head over to The Cupcake Tower and check them out.  Do you have an event coming up?  Get a cupcake tower to make the occasion even more special.    Also, check out The Cupcake Tower on Facebook and twitter.

Buy it: The Small Round Cupcake Tower $65

Arizona Mama

I was provided the small cupcake tower for review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anything.  Thank you to the cupcake tower for this review.  Disclosure


  1. Very neat! This would be perfect for my daughter's birthday. We are out of state so our friends here are limited. Thank you!

  2. this is cute, I have the big cupcake mold and perfect to set on top of the stand. I also like all the coordinating ribbons that are available. I have a baby shower for my niece and was thinking of doing the Cake pops with the tulle on the sides.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have wanted a cupcake tower for so long. I've gotta check this one out. And I would love to have a big cupcake mold.