Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For the Boys!! Red Tool Box Review

     Boys and Tools just go together. Jayden loves tools and always wants to use them. He tells me, "I got to fix it mommy." So we have to keep most of our tools out of his reach. He has some plastic and foam tools too, but gets a little frustrated because they don't work the way he wants them to. I had seen Red Toolbox items on some other blogs and was very excited to be able to review them here.

     Red Toolbox is a complete world of tools specifically designed to suit a child's grip, complemented by a wide selection of original woodworking kits and a workbench. These woodworking projects for kids teach and apply various skills according to the level of difficulty.

     Jayden was sent the 8 piece tool set, the cordless drill, and the bug barn.  The tool set included: Goggles, Tape Measure, Philips Screwdriver, flat screwdriver, Hammer, Saw, File, and 2" clamp.   The cordless drill has a 7.2Volt NI-CD, a light, 3-5 hours charger, 8mm keyless chuck.  The drill also includes 1 bit, 1 bit holder, and a 3.5mm bit.  And the bug barn is a level 1 kit.  It includes all the materials except wood glue.  This kit tells you which of  your tools you will need to use to build it. 

    When the Red Toolbox tools arrived and I opened the box Jayden was SO EXCITED!  I wish I had waited until after his nap to open it.  He was so upset that I made him nap.  I told him the tools are to only be used with mommy or daddy.  He did not forget when he woke up because the first thing he asked is, "Can I use my tools now?"  When John got home Jayden could not wait to show him his new tools.  John opened the tools and the two of them sat on the floor and tried them out.  John had some nails so they turned over the box and he let Jayden use the hammer to put the nails in.  Jayden did really well.  The handles are shorter and fit great in his hands. 

     A few days later it was time to build the bug barn.  We had to purchase some wood glue, but everything else was in the kit.  We spread out some newspaper and got started.  The instructions were pretty easy to follow for us, of course Jayden doesn't read so he had no clue without us.  He just wanted to use his tools.  He was most excited about the drill (of course).  So John and Jayden worked together to build the bug barn.  The 2 tools that were used were the screwdriver and the drill.  Jayden was able to help with using both tools, plus the glue.  Notice the expression on Jayden's face as he used the drill... very excited.  The bug barn went together easy.  There was a point where John tightened something too tight and it cracked the wood a little, but it still worked.  Jayden loved the little door on the front, he wanted to keep opening and closing it. 
     When the barn was done we tested it out. We went out in the front yard to search for bugs. Jayden actually caught a small cricket. Kind of hard to see, but the little dot in the bottom is a cricket. Jayden loved it! And even better it was something he made with his daddy. Of course I made Jayden let the cricket go and find his family when we were done.

     I just want to make sure everyone knows that these tools are recommended for ages 8 and up.  Yes, I know my son is only 3 years old.  But I have worked in head start and we use woodworking as a learning area at the schools and the children love it.  I think that younger children like Jayden can use tools with direct supervision.  Although the company has the recommended age to be 8 and up. 

     I think these tools are great!  I love giving Jayden something real to use rather than just the plastic toys.  These tools are the perfect size for a child to use and also easy for an adult.  There are many different tool kits and different project kits too.  The kits are labeled by ability.  The bug barn is for a beginner.  My favorite part about these tools is that they will help to build Jayden and Johns relationship.  They can be something special that they use together.  My brother got Jayden a tool box to keep his new tools in for his birthday.  So these tools will be put away and pulled out to use with direct supervision only.  I think I might buy another kit for John and Jayden to spend some daddy son time on Father's Day. 

     Look at these fun kits:

Arizona Mama

Buy it:  Red Toolbox can be found at Lowe's and a few other retailers. 

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I was provided the tools mentioned above to review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you to Red Toolbox for providing us these training activities.  Disclosure


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