Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look What I Won

I often tell you all when I find some great giveaways to enter, but I don't always remember to let you know about the things I win.  I have been lucky to win a few great giveaways.  One that I won recently is the The First Years Sounds for Silence Premium Sound Machine.  I am excited to use this with the new baby, when he or she comes.  I won it from Sugar Pop Ribbons.  She often has some great giveaways and many are going on now.  Thanks to Sugar Pop Ribbons and The First Years for this great item. 


  1. We have sound machines in both of our boys' rooms. We live in a really small house with creaky wood floors and a noisy dog, so they help a lot with keeping the boys from waking up!

  2. Also, I really like the Sugar Pop Ribbons blog, too!

  3. How cool... I've never heard of a sound machine before. Gonna have to ckeck it out!