Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Vacations and Getaways

     Do you have a summer vacation planned yet?  Are you hoping to get away?  We just went to California for a couple days, but it left me hoping for more.  Our experience with the hotel on our recent trip was not what I hoped for.  Like I said in a previous post the hotel was all valet and we didn't have a choice, plus it was not close to the beach.   

     Next time I make hotel reservations I plan to try  I have heard really good things about them and I want to give them a try.  I am currently looking for a room for a wedding we will be attending in September.  We will need a room because the wedding will be in Sedona, Arizona.  I can't wait because Sedona is beautiful and cooler than here in Glendale.  Look how pretty it is there.  I will be sure to get plenty of pictures.  The wedding is taking place on a pink Jeep tour.  I am sure I will capture many great photos.  But until then check out this one I found online. 

     I already started to research hotel deals and have found a few on  I haven't made a final decision yet about where we will stay, but I will have to soon.  I do know that I want to use this time around.  Hoping and expecting it to be much better of an experience. 

     I would love to hear about your experiences with online hotel websites.  Which ones do you use?  Have you tried 

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